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The Truth Is... - Get HAPPY

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The truth is that there is always going to be people judging you & calling you names but you just have to not let it get to you. I know it's hard and when people make stupid jokes about you, you just want to yell and scream at them and probably do alot more but you just gotta hold it back and just tell your self that you're better then that. We deserve alot better and shouldn't be treated the way that we get treated but that's just society, it's f*cked but hopefully one day, it won't be so bad. Life for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans & all the other names is alot harder because of all the rules and judgemental people but we should all be proud of how strong we are. Use are all beautiful! xoxo


Yes i agree with what you say .....

I don`t know if you have ever herd of
this vary old Saying ??. But it goes something
like this. ===== United we all stand,but get devided
then we will all Fall .

And just like you,i think that it is Vital to stay Strong,
( Together ) ........ lol xxx
Tommy lol xxx


You know I think the world is a changing place and sure it take time but I think it is happening slowing. But if people don't live your life you can't expect them to understand everything about it. I think when people just have tolerance for their fellow man, woman and child they will understand love is love and that is all they need to know.


And with love,you can Over come,all thing`s ....... lol xxx