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Thank You <3 - Get HAPPY

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A year in Gays Com
A place , I called HOME
For I stay in a city
With many homophobics
And I m only out of the closet
To my Mum , who's my only closest
So I came here
This is how I began
A wonderful journey
With everybody

I was played
It's okay
I was hurt
It doesn't matter
I still believe
To treat others nicely
That can make you n me
Much more happy

Some of them
Still have doubts
I can understand
But I don't have to shout
To tell you who I m
It is up to you to accept
If you can't
Let go of your hand

There are so many
That I really wanna thank
So If you already receive
I just wanna say
"Thanks for being my friend"
If you are sad
You can hold my hand
If you wanna cry
I'm just by your side
If you need a laugh
I can be a part

You are not on your own
Me too , I'm not alone
If you have my number
Just remember
We are just a text away
And your message
Means so much each day

Thank You Carol Wheeler


That was awesome!


Thank you Christy (:


that was vey good Ella i have enjoyed urs and Carols work many times keep them comming


I think we all need a happy place
Somewhere to go and hide
Somewhere that's make us smile
One place is in my garden where I can enjoy nature.
I love getting lost in what I am doing on my laptop and can lost hours at a time.
Sometimes I write stories or poems and get lost in them too.
But being on this site I have found some wonderful friends and lots of fun and I can forget my worries.
Ella, you are one my first friends I made here.
A lovely sweet girl who I love to talk with it doesn't have to be anything special we can chat about how our day has been.
It is a wonderful thing to have a friend to just say "hi how was your day?"
I hope this little group brings a smile to other's faces too as they read my rubblings and ella's cute jokes and everyone's thoughts.
I want anyone who reads this to feel free to post their thoughts on life and being happy here.


Thank You Shabs

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