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I'm thinking of you baby
Sound asleep in your bed.
Thoughts of our happy future
Bouncing round and round in my head.

Movies, naps, and tennis
Or a Harley ride for the day
It doesn't matter what we do
We'll be together all the way.

You know how much I Love You
And I know you feel the same
The simplest thing I long for
Is hearing you whisper my name.

I hear your voice inside me
I hear it when I'm asleep.
And when you say, "I love you Baby"
I melt right here in my seat.

What an amazing companion
You've been to me so far.
I promise to be that much and more
No matter how near or how far.

You are my everything, Racha
My priority now in life.
I'm excited for that magical day
When I can become your wife.


Love is an amazing thing
When you realise , she's your everything
Friends are here to give you all the blessings
Because you both true love has been seen

From the time started
You both make promises
For one another
True love that lasts forever
And you both have each other
In your world
So together
You n her
Fall into happiness
Your road is full of miracles

Well , I dropped by (heeheehee)
Coz I see a light
A love that shines
In everyone's eyes
Racha n Andria
2 names that actually rhymes
Once you become each other's wife )))))
She will be your left n right

From : Ella
To my lovely couple lovers : Andria n Racha


I'm double speechless this time, I'm totally surrounded with love either friend's or lover's.
Baby u r a dream come true xxx


You are my dream come true sweetheart !!!

Ella that is just beautiful! Thank you so much!! I love it!!

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