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Today I learned something new, keep the keys to my heart secretly learned that that beautiful smile could be mine, but my urge to be reserved took me beyond what I thought. trying to understand why the times we had, without having planted the seed. I learned that the tears do not come by choice but by feeling. What to fake a smile I fake my pain also. That rainbow of colors has become only gray clouds. That time has not moved but my illusion. I learned that over time we intend to ignore the unknown and think that has ever existed. I learned to appreciate that butterfly flying. A child crying and the value of love. I learned to not to learned pass moments or minutes without saying I love you and miss you. That Time flies so like us, who yesterday was light is now dark. your gaze and smile will never be forgotten. I learned that I was only I who lost. I do not write poems but phrases of the heart.


Vary good,Sandy ..........