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Love is sad - Your WRITES

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Love is sad, and love is cruel.
To find it again, don’t be a fool.
My flower was young,
And my flower was sweet,
When we were together,
Our passion was heat,
We travelled together, never apart,
And I knew that forever she would be in my heart,
I would look in her eyes and I would hold my breathe
To lose such a treasure would mean certain death,
This sweet little thing that I used to adore,
I never thought we would be no more.
The sun went away and it started to rain,
The joy in my heart soon turned into pain.
My little flower that I adored,
My absence was long, and she got bored
My flower has wilted from the lack of the heat,
Resentment took over, and our love was beat,
If only we planted more of those seeds,
Our garden would flourish and not the weeds.
Wilted flower don’t be sad,
Another’s garden is not so bad,
Always look up and never bend,
And soon you will find that your heart will mend
Love is sad, and love is cruel,


Love is sure to conquer, love is sure to grow
love is sure to blossom, and with this seed i sow.


Love can make you feel sore / torn / lost at times, but true love is worth fighting for. The bond / the feel of true love is breath taking and is worth any fight / route / journey no matter how hard. Sorry, but you plant a seed, you treat it with TLC may not grow at first, may grow then play up, but if treated with true Tender Loving Care it will blossom beautifully.

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