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Hey.. - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey everyone, I've had a gays.com account before but I thought that I'd make a new one, so I'm just posting here to maybe make some new friends?

I have had some problems though with people getting mad at me for no reason, and lots of random drama (especially with you 30+ guys). So if we could keep that at a minimum, that would be great :P


WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN US 30+ GUYS ;o) Just kidding. A little levity never hurt no one no how."Welcome back, your dream are your ticket out." Who can tell me what 70's show that is from?


David welcome back to the site and the group...as a group owner and a meeter & greeter if you ever have and problems with someone on here you can message me about it...but I do know that you will meet alot of friends on here and I can be one if you like...


Welcome back my Friend .......
Tommy LOL xxx

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