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Reflection about life. - Gay Guys! <3

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Good Morning guys, I just wanna share this reflection about life with you.

Dreams can come true
if you take the time to
think about what you want in life...

Get to know yourself
find out who you are
choose your goals carefully

Ge honest with yourself
always believe in yourself

Find many interests and pursue them
find out what is important to you
find out what you are good at

Don`t be afraid to make mistakes
work hard to achieve successes
when things are not going right
don`t give up - just try harder
give yourself freedom to try out new things
laugh and have a good time

Open yourself up to love
take part in the beauty of nature
be appreciative of all that you have
help those less fortunate than you
work towards peace in the world

Live life to the fullest
create your own dreams and
follow them until they are a reality..

Hope you liked it, so have a great time.


Well Jose, I Love It, Well Done.


Jose the words are wonderful and very inspiring indeed.Patrick.xxx


I am glad you liked it guys. .. They are nice words.


Well Dean, Again what can i say, It's beyond Word's. It's just More than Fantastic, Bring's me back a Bit in My Life. Tanx well done.


Good Dean... I liked that. ... Well done.


They both were just great to read....Thank you both for them...


So, thanks for reading them.. Glad you liked it, so it was to inspire pople and let them know how cute our life is.


Jose and dean you made my day you have a talent for writing

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