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Last night I stared into the sky,
And watched the clouds, those passerby,
As they drifted I asked them why,
They held their tears and did not cry,
For my heart was churning in the suffered heat,
And the sound of rain did sound so sweet,
My words with thunder could not compete,
So I just laid there and accepted defeat,
I only wished for a chance to preen,
Perhaps they all that day felt mean,
In a world where caring is rarely seen,
In a world where we all act so green,
All I wanted was a cooling shower,
As I laid there for countless hours,
Was it not within their power,
Why do they feel they must be dour?
Perhaps I simply expect to much,
In asking clouds for rain and such,
Although I'd love to feel their touch,
The power that's theirs I can not clutch.
So I am content to watch the sky,
Although I will not lay and lie,
It disappoints and causes sighs,
When you try to tell the clouds to cry.


stunning. absolutely amazing.

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