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Things that Straight people say about gay people but they are completely wrong. - Gay Guys! <3

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1.Being gay doesn´t mean Get dressing like a girl. 2.Being gay doesn´t mean to sleep around, even if you are straight you can sleep with anybody you want, or even you can do it worse. 3.Being gay doesn´t mean you are going to hell, as long as you do what God wants you to, everything is fine. 4.Being gay doesn´t mean that you chose the wrong sexuality, nobody chooses to be born gay, straight, lesbian.. You were born like this, nobody chooses this. 5.Being
gay doesn´t mean you are sick; "come on" who the hell says that? I have never read in a medicine book any sickness called homosexuality. 6.Being
gay doesn´t mean that you have to act like a girl, it just mean that you love people of your same gender. Being this way means that your a human beings as well. We need support We need help We need to talk We need to express our feelings the way that the straight people do.

being gay does not mean we are pedophiles.


Nicely said.


Good job!! :*


Completely agree.


Back in the old days homosexuality was considered a mental illness. That was changed a long time ago, but that is where the idea of "sickness" came in.


wooow ! i dont know how old you are but ill tell you what , that made more sense than i have heard i a long time !! ifonly people were as honest with there feelings as you are the world world turn so much freely . im impreesed with your writing , feelings or thoughts , im speechless ! thanks for that , you touched me ....for what its worth


You can add to the list that being gay does not mean we are pedophiles. An other thing is that straight people will notice the drag queens and the leather guys in chaps that stand out on Pride days because most of us just blend in with the rest.


I'll second that - never a truer word said!!!
Good on you Jose


Thanks guys, and i am 20 years old Joey.. Even though i am so young i consider myself really mature. and i will add that Mario.


Thank you for such a good discussion and everything you have said is so true...Just because your 20 doesn't make a difference there are alot of young guys on here that say great things...

Oh and as group owner thank you for deleteing the other post about this same discussion...


Thanks Michael Wolfe. I am glad you liked this discussion.


Well done!
It's so true and I'm really impressed ...


Yes i agree,vary well said .........

Our bigest advarntage is that we can/do
walk and share,with all society,but no
one see`s us,becouse are all invisible
and Blend in so well !!!!!!! ...........

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