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19... Soon 20... - Gay Guys! <3

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It's my birthday soon, only a matter of single digit hours left...
1 hour 40 minutes!
I'm going to be 20... On this planet for 2 decades
I'm actually feeling old lol, I never thought about being 20 before, as weird as this may sound I always thought of myself as Peter Pan, I never want grow old and somehow my looks are going that way, some people say I still look 14! I still get I.D'd for Lottery Tickets (and in the UK the legal age for buying Lottery Tickets is 16) and here's me not far from 20 and still getting I.D'd lol
Not far now and I'll be leaving the teen numbers.
Nineteen soon to be twenty...
Dew (God)


Well Richard, It's allready tomorrow here where i am, So Happy Birthday, I Hope u have a good Day and Nite.


Enjoy yourself because some day you will be 6 decades old like me. So happy birthday



Hahaha, you are not that old man.. I am 20 and this age is great... Wish you HBD.


Richard, a Very Happy Birthday !!! Have a great Day, a great Year and a great Life !!!!

I stopped counting as soon as I ran out of fingers and have never looked back !

Hope you always keep hold of that bit of Peter Pan in you as well as taking on board the wisdom of older years too! Fun has no age boundaries either.....

Excuse my random thoughts....Happy Birthday once more!


Happy Birthday, Richard from someone who just turned 59! Age is all an illusion.


Happy birthday Richard, I hope that u have a very good day, and enjoy yourself dude.


Chud I was away in Durham and no internet, soz I missed the big day. Hope you had a good one. I know U only like 3 years older than me and feel like you still 14 but U always been the Big Bro I wish I had and you been there a lot for me in bad times - THANX BIG BRO, hope you have a great year xx


Richard I also sorry that I was not here for your Brithday but I was on vacation...
I hope that you had a great day and that all of your wishes came true...

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