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The waves of aqua colored ocean crash upon the shore,
The sand, a few select grains glint of the evening sun,
Warmth, I can feel it; A blanket of sweet bliss,
This is the place where Heaven and Earth meet.

Fish of all colors swin about with quick, jerky movements,
As the sunset crab scurries quickly away.
The salt of the ocean reaches my nose,
The unmistakable smell of a world to vast to comprehend.

While all these things make me quake with pure happiness,
There is one thing on this beach that outshines them all.

The perfect blend of peach and tan,
It walks with grace beyond compare.
The water, it glistening upon it's skin,
It is enough to bring the mightiest of creature to their knees.

Eyes that could cut through the toughest of diamond,
A smile that would put the stars to shame,
Honey, I still cant believe.

She made all these things, beautiful in their own way,
But somehow she took all those beautiful ways,
She took them and smashed them all into you,
You are the heaven that meets with this earth


Ola this is so beautiful

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