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The Devil's Shadows - Poetry Group

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True blood trickles down to fall upon hollowed ground

Come away with me, child

Follow into the land obscured by shadows

The dark controls and demons reign

The light in the world we seek to stain.

Dance upon the graves by night

Call upon the unholy sights

See the lies desguised as truths.

Reject oppression, reject control

Dance with the Devil, your individuality shall grow

Fear not for your fragile soul,

freed from the bondage the world enstows.

Look with new eyes upon the light,

see beneath the clouded glass foged by lies

Evil reigns freely upon this earth,

yet no devil can be found to have given it birth

Safe in the shadows you now stand,

look back into the light that blankets the land.

Search out the truth that was hidden away,

Look toward that ones that claim to save.

True evil lies with those who sell your salvation

Their god is the devil of which they speak.

True evil awaits in the hearts of man

who hold firmly to their god's right hand.

The deciet, the corruption grows stronger day by day,

the vulnerability of man on which they prey.

Safe in the shadows you see it all,

the wicked stand with their decieving god.

Live in the shadows with unclouded eyes,

Look upon the Devil with newborn sight.

A scapegoat he's been, no true evil deeds ever committed,

while in awe-loving numbers they flock to the one where true evil lays.

Behind the mask of love and light is the source of evil this world has seen.

And in the shadows we take the Devil's hand,

there in safety we watch as the light comes to an end.

~Amy Powell


wonderful xxx


this is great !

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