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Mothers Will - Your WRITES

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Chapter 1

The two Matri soldiers whispered amongst themselves while a third stood watch of the forest below. If was mid-summer and the tree were sweating profusely in the scale armour. The Lieutenant too another swig of the waterskin, then wiped the sweat from her brow.

“When I get home tonight, I’m will take a nice cold bath and sleep in the tub.” The Constable whispered.

“When I get home, I’ll make sure my wife sweats as much as I have.” The Lieutenant whispered with a playful smirk on her face.

“When I get home…” whispered the third, without taking her eyes or her nocked bow away from the forest “I’ll just go to bed and sleep for a few days.”

The three women shared a quiet chuckle. They all knew to make as little noise as possible, but without anything to do; talking seemed the best way to pass the time, even if it is only in whispers.

The sound of breaking branches forced the Matri warriors to retrieve weapons as quietly as possible as they had be trained to do. The archer stared at the forest floor more alert than before awaited for the creator of the sounds.

A woman stepped into view and stopped. Although they were far up, about 15 average women in height, they could still see the glint of metal off her head. The intruder looked around but the warriors were confident their nest in the trees would not be spotted. After a few moments, the woman glanced up, directly at them and stared for a few moments.

The woman said something in a language that the warriors didn’t understand. She spoke again, in what seemed to be a different language. The warriors stayed silent.
Again the woman spoke, however the warriors did understand the word “pass”. Has she spotted us? The warriors thought. There’s no way she could they concluded. The Lieutenant in command patted the archers shoulder; with a nod the archer drew back her bow and quickly let loose one of her arrows. The woman dodged even before the arrow found its mark in the tree next to her. Quick and alert the Lieutenant thought as she shouted her warning.

“This is Matri territory. The next shot will be aimed at you. Do not make any sudden movements.”

The woman simply nodded. The Lieutenant motioned for the Constable to approach the woman. The warrior immediately without question began the climb from the nest down to the ground.

Reaching the ground, the warrior got a better look at the trespasser, only to see how tall she really was, easily a head taller than her, and she herself was considered tall among the Marti. Her hair though was just as disturbing. It was the colour of brilliantly polished steel and glinted with the light, with as little light that reached the forest floor.

The woman simply smiled and lifted her hands up. The warrior casually approached as the woman kept her hands up. Before the warrior could get within reach, she pulled a poniard from belt, and held it at the ready in case the woman tried something.

The warriors above, now seeing the size difference between the two women below shared a look before returning their eyes to keep watch.

The warrior noticed the dagger at the woman’s belt, and moved the blade to the woman’s chest and reached for the dagger with her other hand. The woman simply smiled, making no hint that she was going to make a move. The warrior removed the dagger and tucked it under her belt without incident.

“Take off the belt pouch” the warrior commanded.

The giant took off the pouch casually as commanded.

“Open it and pour its contents to the ground.”

With a sigh, the woman opened the pouch and took hold of the bottom, causing the contents to drop to the ground. A triangular metal object and a few smaller round metal objects of various colours fell from the pouch. The warrior inspected the contents for a few moments then stepped behind the giant woman, keeping the blade close to her. The warrior then began patting around her middle, legs, and then her arms. The giant made no movements while she was frisked.

“Safe” the warrior called.

The Lieutenant climbed her way down to the bottom, only to be just as surprised as the warrior about the woman’s hair. The lieutenant’s eyes began to glow brilliant neon blue. Her fingertips also began to glow the same colour as she made a Compulsion weave that would compel the giant to speak only the truth. Within moments, the astral treads were woven together in a simple pattern within astral space. The Lieutenant wanted to be sure the weave would work, and so gathered more of the raw energy before she forced it into the physical plane, immediately triggering its effect on the giant.

“What are you?” the Lieutenant demanded more than asked, the glow from her eyes and fingertips quickly fading away.
She said a word that the women didn’t recognize.

“Where are you going?”

“I do not know.” She said something after the warriors couldn’t understand.

“Stop changing languages!” the Lieutenant snapped.
“I know…. Combination… Different…” was all they could understand. She spoke again “Your language... Two… languages.”

“You know our languages as two different ones?”

“Yes.” The giant replied, followed by another word they didn’t understand.

“Why are you here?”

The giant spoke 2 words, the first the Lieutenant didn’t understand “ Mother?”

“Your mother?” The giant nodded.

Another two words, again only one was understood “Commanded”

Each word was said twice until the Lieutenant could get the full message.

“My mother commanded me to walk in this direction until I saw a sign.”

“What sort of sign?”

“She didn’t say, only that I would know it when I saw it.”

The warrior still behind the giant then called the Lieutenants attention and pointed to the ground in from of the giant. All three women looked to the ground and saw the triangular metal object had greyed and become dull, and instead of a solid form, it was flimsy and bent.

“What is that?” the Lieutenant pointed at the object.

“A gift from my mother.” The giant replied, using the same two words at a time method.

“Did she tell you what to do when you got to where you were supposed to go?”

“Yes, I’m to have a daughter.”


“That is all. Just have a daughter.”

“What are these other things on the ground?”

“They are…” and even using the two words, they didn’t understand either. The giant began cycling through each language she knew, saying 4 words beyond the first two.

“What does it do?”

“You trade goods or services for it.”

The women frowned in confusion.

“Why would you need to trade for it?”

“It is the only way to get them.”

“Well I don’t think you pose any danger. Although you have odd ideas, I will let you move on to the city if you wish.” She pointed at the once metallic object “perhaps that is the sign you were waiting for?”

“Perhaps. I will visit your city. May I pick up the scale?”


“My mother’s gift” she pointed at the discoloured scale, “it is a scale.”

With a nod, the warrior behind the giant withdrew her poniard and placed it back in her sheath.

“Thank you.” As she went down to pick up the scale affectionately. She stroked it a few times before placing it back in the pouch and tying it back onto her belt.

“The Constable here will escort you to the city. If you don’t mind she will keep a hold of your dagger.”

“Not at all.” She said dismissively.

Once inside the city, the giant stared at the inside of the gates for a few moments, gasping and said “So beautiful” under hear breath. The warrior simply smiled. The inside of the walls were all decorated with ornate carvings of women, animals, flowers, and other things of nature.

The giant looked around, at the ramparts above to the light traffic on the clean cobblestone streets. Then her brow scrunched in confusion.
“I do not see any…” the last word the warrior didn’t understand. The giant said 4 words after the first 2, cycling through her list of languages. None of them were understood by the warrior.

“What are they for?” the warrior asked. Perhaps she could explain its function she thought.

“Making children.” The giant said.

The warrior lifted her brow in confusion.

“You could make one with her” she said, pointing to one of the women on the street. “Or her” pointing to another. “Or even me.” She said finally, and then she had an epiphany.

“Where you are from, you have someone who assigns partnerships?”

“No. It’s ok, forget about it.”

“No, you have me curious, I wish to know.”

“I have no idea how to explain it. Do not worry though.”

The warrior shrugged and continued onwards.

“Now, if you wish to join our people, you will have to get tattoos.”

“Tattoos? For what?”

“For identification purposes mainly. As well without them you won’t be able to do certain things.”

“Well, I’m not sure I wish to join.”

“Why not?”

“It might… be too much for me to get accustomed to.”

“I doubt it. Where you are from sounds complex. You have to trade things for other things. If we need something, we just take it. Look over there.” The warrior pointed to a seamstress shop where someone was browsing at the outside displays. With her keen senses the giant could easily see the seamstress inside working on an article of clothing; she did look up and take note of the customer. The customer browsed the items then when she found something she liked, she took it and left.

“This is allowed?” the giant said, shocked.

“Of course. She takes her clothing, the seamstress takes food, attends entertainment. No trading required. We all contribute to the whole.”

“I see… so I guess there are no thieves?”

“It is rare but it happens. Usually when a woman is rejected she will try to take something the other woman treasures of out of spite.”

“What about other crime?”

“Well I wish I could say it is non-existent, but it does happen on occasion. Though for us warriors, we mostly worry about the invaders.”

“Like me?”

“No, we mostly worry about the donkeys.”

“Donkeys?” the giant raised her eyebrow.

“Well… we do not have an actual word for them. They are a different species. They sort of look like us but are hairy and savage. They also have no breasts.” As the warrior put her hands under her breasts and gently pushed them up twice, then placed her hands at her side once more.

“We think they are an ugly hybrid of person and something else, so we call them donkeys or sometimes mutts.”

The giant couldn’t help but smirk. The warrior couldn’t help but smile back.

“What’s so funny?” the warrior asked.

“Nothing. I just found your description amusing. So do they invade often.”

“Every year or so a group invades, which is why we have to be so strict with security. We have noticed different standards during our many skirmishes and battles so we are aware that there is more than one group. Are all your people like you, tall and metal haired?”

“Tall yes. To my kind I am actually a little short. But we have different colours of hair. Gold, blue, purple.”

“Wow… what about red?! Red is my favorite colour.”

“Yes, but they’re rare.”

The warrior giggled.

“I want to see a red-haired giant.”

The giant smiled.

“My name is Celeste by the way.”

“My name is Kierra.”


Chapter 2

“Thanks for coming with me, Kirra” Celeste said, giving the warrior a smile.

“No problem Celery.” She replied, with a cheeky smile.

The woman sitting in beside Celeste smiled at the conversation as she began preparing for the tattoo. She re-read the instructions carefully to avoid making a mistake then looked again at the official documents and symbols to be placed upon it.

“So explain to me what everything means.” Celeste said to Kirra. She smiled and glanced at the documents.

“Well you have your inner and outer shapes. They really have no actual meaning but only to determine what families you belong to. Because you were not born Marti, you had to choose your shapes from what was available. Your tattoo will only have two colours, silver and blue. Whereas when you look at mine, you see four colours, two from each parent. The background of your inner crest you’ve chosen water as your element. That symbolizes your general temperament. If you look at mine, it’s a flame. It symbolizes passion, liveliness, and assertiveness. The crossed sword and dagger are my profession symbol. Warriors generally choose the weapons they specialize as their profession symbol. Your profession symbol will remain blank until you choose a profession. The personal symbol here, symbolizes the traits you value and exemplify most. Because you were not born Matri, your outer crest will not have the left and right symbols, which are parts of your parents tattoo. The top or bottom symbol is your birth order, for you it will be a zero, since you were not born Matri.”

“That is rather complicated.”

“That is the idea. There have been spies long ago so to make them easier to spot, we implemented this complex tattoo system.”

Celeste nodded.

“I’m glad you decided to stay, Celery” Kirra said excitedly.
Celeste smiled.

“I am ready.” The artist said, smiling.

“Ahh. Go for it.” Celeste replied, sitting straight so the artist could do the tattoo easily.

“This will hurt a bit” Kirra warned

“I will be fine.” Celeste replied.

The artist went to work, and Kirra was surprised to not even see a flinch on Celeste’s face.

“Wow Celery, most ‘water girls’ cry oceans when they have to get tattoos.” Kirra commented.

“Yeah they do” added the artist.

Celeste smiled as she glanced over to Kirra.

As the artist went about the tattoo, her eyes began to glow neon blue, just as the Lieutenant had.

Celeste turned to Kirra “Why are her eyes blue?”

“She is weaving threads into the tattoo. She is infusing it with magic so that you can use some things here. For me when I arrest someone I put them in manacles which can only be opened by a Matri of a certain military rank, depending on the manacles. Some rooms can only be entered with a minimum civil or military rank, which are tattooed on the back of your hands, like this.”
Kirra showed her the back of her hands, which had a simple line and an arch on each hand. The one hand had red marks, the other had blue marks.

“The red is you military rank, the blue your civil rank, red on your off-hand, blue on your good hand.”

Celeste nodded.

“She will do your civil and military tattoos next, which will only be one line per hand.”
It was a about hour of tattooing and weaving until the artist finally finished with the tattoos. As she wove the last few magic threads, she smiled and looked at Celeste.

“Done. Now you are officially a Matri citizen. Now you and your lover can go celebrate.” She said smiling and giving Kirra a wink.

“Lover?” Celeste asked.

“You two aren’t lovers?” the artist replied.

Celeste’s face flushed red as she waved her hands from side to side “Oh no, we are not… no, we are… just... friends.” Celeste said all flustered.

The artist looked from one to another, then back again.

“Send me an invitation and I’ll do your wedding tattoos.” She said, then turned to Kirra and patted her on the shoulder and then turned to leave.

Celeste’s mouth opened and she was about to protest but was at a loss for words and the artist simply left the two alone.

“Well, she is right about one thing .” Kirra said smiling.

“What would that be?” Celeste said suspiciously.

“We should celebrate!” she exclaimed, and then they both started to giggle.

“I will make you a special meal and then we can go to one of the theatres and make a whole night of it.”

“No, I tried your cooking yesterday. I will make something.”

“No good if you make something. You should be celebrating, not cooking. I will get a friend to cook instead then, alright?”

“Will I live?”

Kirra let out a hearty laugh before she responded.

“She is very good. You will be pleased.”

“Very well, I guess I will trust you.”

As soon as the pair got back to Kirra’s house, Kirra said she was going to do a few things and left. Celeste wandered around the small house as she had little time to do so yesterday. The main floor was one big room, with two small rooms at the back, and a staircase close to the entrance. The big room was a den and kitchenette combination and was quite sizeable form having only one living occupant.
The room at the back and to the right was a pantry that was enchanted to keep cool, and thus could increase the life of food stored within. The small room next to the pantry was called the disposal room, which held a stone seat with a lid, which was enchanted to destroy any material placed inside, but would not work on human flesh. This seat was used to dispose of urine, feces, and other biological waste to maintain cleanliness of the house and the city.

In the kitchenette at the back of the big room had a cast iron stove, a good sized counter, various cupboards above, a round table that could easily seat 4 people with good room, and 4 chairs around the table.

The den had a sizable couch that could easily seat 3, and a loveseat that could seat two, as well as 2 chairs, all formed in a circle.

Going up the stairs there was one room that contained a bed, a tub, a bookshelf, and a sizable wardrobe.

Celeste decided to take a look at the few books upon the self. They looked like school books and some novels. She decided to pick up the history book and began to read.
Having completely lost all track of time reading the text, she was forced out of the history book by the sound of the front door opening and closing.

“Celery?” called Kirra from the downstairs.

“Up here, sorry.” She replied. “I was reading your history book.” She continued as she made her way out of the room and to the staircase, book in hand.

“Oh excellent!” Kirra exclaimed “I hated history, but you’ll probably learn a great deal of things about us.”

As Celeste reached the stairs she saw another woman standing next to Kirra. Slightly shorter, and wearing a rounded hat. Kirra also had a sack slung over her shoulder.
“I have already learned a great deal, especially about the language. Who is your friend?” she asked.

“This is Tristy, the chef of our unit.” Kirra said, gesturing towards the woman next to her.

“Tristy, this is Celery, the woman I met yesterday.” She said, moving her hand towards Celeste.
Tristy waved and Celeste waved back.

“Give us a sec, Celery.” Kirra said as she moved away, Tristy followed behind her. Celeste descended the stairs and saw both women in the kitchenette, Kirra sprawling the contents of the sac on the counter, and telling Tristy where she can find the knives and other cooking implements.

“Tristy will be making us dinner.” Kirra pronounced. “That way you will not get food poisoning.” She added. The three women shared a chuckle.

While Tristy went about making dinner, Kirra and Celeste moved to the couch.

“Mind if I have a look at the tattoos?” Kirra asked as they sat down.


Kirra quickly examined the tattoo on Celeste’s shoulder and smiled.

“So what kind of job did you have before you left… wherever you’re from?” Kirra asked.

Celeste thought a moment.

“I guess you could say I was a librarian.” She concluded.

Kirra immediately had an epiphany.

“How many languages do you know?” she asked, excitedly.


“Wow! That is amazing! How can you remember all them and not confuse them all the time?! She exclaimed.

“I do not know. I travel a lot so I have had to learn a number of languages.”

“I see. Well often when a donkey comes along we confiscate all books and papers from them. Unfortunately we can’t read them but there is a team that is trying to translate them. The more information we have on them the better. You would be a huge help.”

“I see. Well I have experienced other languages as well. I just was not exposed to them long enough to learn them.”

“There’s more?! Please tell me of your travels!”

Celeste chuckled a bit. “Not much to tell really. I go from place to place, do a few things, then move on.”

“You must have seen a lot.”

“I suppose.”

“Oh right, you were searching for a sign, like your mother said, right?”

“No, but I did much of my traveling on my mother’s behalf.”

“I should like to meet her.”

Celeste smiled. “Perhaps someday you will.”

“So what was the sign that you decided to stay here?” Kirra asked. She thought about it yesterday but could not think of anything. Celeste took a deep breath and thought a moment.

“In all my travels, I have not come across a place this clean or a place that had no use for… those things we trade goods for. Also when you talked a little about the school system, I started to think that this would be a good place to raise a child. My mother’s scale also factored in. But… I also had this feeling as well… like… this place felt… right. I am not sure how I can explain it.”

Kirra smiled.

“I think you made the right choice. I was shocked to learn that other places do not have schools, and if other places are not as clean… I would pick here as well. But perhaps I am also a little biased.” She said smiling.

“But I am very glad that you decided to stay.” Kirra added, caressing Celeste’s arm gently, then removing her hand and placing it in her lap.

Silence crept in and managed to stay for a few moments. Celeste began to think. She had forgotten that in this city was filled with only women. Women bred with other woman here, at least that’s the impression she got from Kirra before. How was she to have a daughter here? Perhaps she made a mistake she though.

While Celeste thought about the future, Kirra was stuck in the present, thinking how much she liked Celeste’s company, how much she liked her silver hair, her feminine curves. Even her scent, which she could not describe, was pleasing to her. She didn’t want to make Celeste too uncomfortable asking to court her too soon, but perhaps she felt the same.

Kirra bit her lip as she thought deeply about what she should do. Celeste let out a deep sigh as her thoughts made her mind seem to leave the room.

The three women sat at the round table. Dinner was served. Celeste’s keen nose could tell the ingredients. Although on the surface she smiled, she wished there were some sort of fish or seafood to add to the plate. Mashed potatoes with butter, garlic, and a little parsley, steamed asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, also topped with butter, garlic, parsley and also some basil.

Kirra and Tristy picked up their forks and began picking at the vegetables. Kirra was especially enthused about it. Celeste prevented a deep sigh and began eating. Although it was very well prepared, Celeste was naturally a meat eater. She wondered how her stomach would handle vegetables but decided to get some meat or seafood after Kirra fell asleep.

Yesterday’s meal was also vegetables only, so Celeste concluded that the Marti didn’t consume any sort of meat. This made Celeste wonder if she made a mistake after all, since she knew that any children she had would naturally wish to consume meat.

“So what do you think, Celery?” Kirra asked, as she picked up a piece of carrot and placed it in her mouth.

“Not what I am used to, but it is very good.” She said. It was not a lie; Celeste did think it was good, for vegetables at least.

The women ate their meal; occasionally stopping to talk about random things, as they finished Kirra cleared the table and brought out a large basin and began filling it with water upstairs at the tub, then brought it down and began washing them. Tristy said her good byes then reminded Kirra of their arrangement. Kirra replied with a yes then got back to the dishes as Tristy left.

As soon as Kirra finished the dishes, she turned to Celeste.

“So what shall we do tonight? We can go see a play? Or maybe a concert?” she asked, sitting down at the table awaiting a response.

Celeste thought a moment. “I would like to see both...” she replied, she was about to continue but then Kirra interrupted.

“We can see both. We should have enough time to see both before I have to go to sleep.”
The play was a comedy about two women, but whenever they tried to profess their love, some unfortunate event would interrupt. It was rather amusing Celeste thought, although the idea of two women in love was still a foreign concept to her.

The concert was a group of women, singing mostly about love and courage. Standard fare she thought. The difference being it was love between women. Beyond that it was rather normal, although well done.


Chapter 3

Upon Celeste awakening, she knew it would be hours before Kirra would wake, so she had decided to read one of the novels upon Kirra’s shelf. She was a bit surprised to find that it was a romance novel. Being a hopeless romantic herself, Celeste was drawn into the book, despite being love between women, she found herself rooting for the characters and getting excited whenever the scenes would start to get passionate.

It was much like any other love story Celeste concluded. Even if the protagonists were women, she was surprised that she herself would think it was written more realistically than the traditional romance novel. She realized that when you get two hopeless romantics together, their love is bound to flourish. Celeste knew all too well that hopeless romantic men were a rarity at best.

Then she started thinking about Kirra. For such an impulsive, passionate person to want to read about romance, it seemed a likely conclusion that she too sought romance as she did herself. Thinking deeper, she began to question her motives. Why is she letting Celeste, an almost complete stranger, stay at her house? Celeste examined all their times together and realized that Kirra might be attracted to her.

Before dawn, a groggy and still half-asleep Kirra made her way down the stairs, rubbing her eyes. She was fully dressed in her scale armour and had her sword and long daggers in their scabbards. She must have only slept for 5 hours Celeste concluded.

“What are you doing up so early?” Celeste asked.

Half dazed, Kirra’s face immediately realized that Celeste was already up.

“To get yesterday off, I had to take an early patrol today. Why are you up though?”

“I only require about two hours of rest.”

“Really? Must be nice.” She muttered as she started to wander towards the door.

“Wait… you mean… the last few days you have been up most of the night?” she continued.


“So… what have you been doing then while I slept?”

“Reading mostly.” She said, and then raised the novel she had been reading.

“Oh! That is my favorite novel!” she exclaimed. “Too bad I do not have much time to talk about it. I have to get going” as she moved to the door, and then turned to Celeste “See you later, ok?”
Celeste smiled “You know where I will be.”

Kirra giggled “Right.” Closing the door behind her.

Celeste finished the novel and within a few minutes of her finishing, the door opened, and a zombie-like Kirra entered the house.

Celeste got up from the couch.

“Oh my, you look exhausted. Here come lie down.” She said, as she went over to her and helped her to the couch. Kirra went down with a flop, facedown onto the couch.

“You alright?” Celeste asked, concerned and guilty as she couldn’t help feeling somewhat responsible.

“Feeling better now that I’m home and lying down.”

“We should not have stayed up so late.” Celeste said regrettably.

“It was worth it, so do not worry about it.”

Celeste couldn’t help but smile.

“You just lie here then. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I just need to lie down for a bit.”

Celeste nodded then kneeled down beside Kirra and placed her hands between her neck and shoulders and began to make circles with her thumbs and fingers.

Kirra let out a soft groan.

“That feels really good.” She said under her breath.

Celeste smiled and continued. Moments later, Kirra was sound asleep. Celeste simply smiled and went up the stairs. Entering the room, she took the blanket from the bed and headed back to the warrior sleeping on the couch. Celeste affectionately placed the blanket over the sleeping woman and caressed her hair for a few moments before placing a kiss on her head, like she was a sleeping child.

While Kirra slept, Celeste decided to tidy up the house. While Celeste was dusting, there was a knock on the door. Celeste paused, unsure if she should answer it. Another knock erupted from the door. Celeste walked over to the door and opened it slowly.

“Yes?” Celeste asked.

The woman on the other side jumped slightly at the sight of the giant. The other woman had black hair and was of stocky build, however she just barely reached Celeste’s breast. Celeste suddenly felt extremely tall and shrunk herself a little as she looked on. She could see the beginnings of wrinkles on the shorter woman’s face.

“Sorry I must have the wrong house…” the woman said, unsure as she stared at Celeste as if she were some monster.

“Sorry, this is not my house. Were you looking for Kirra?”

“Y-yes. Is she here?”

“She is inside, sleeping.”

The woman nodded, then took a breath then glared at Celeste with a suspicious look.

“Who are you, then?”

“I am Celeste, a friend of Kirra’s.”

“What are you doing here?” the woman continued the interrogation.

“I have been staying here until I can get a house requisitioned.”

“I would like to talk to her.” She said, and began to move forward, however Celeste stayed put.

“She had a long day and she needs to rest. Give her a few more hours.”

“I am her mother, now let me in.” she demanded.

After a brief moment, Celeste glanced at the tattoos on the woman arm and recognized elements from it were the same as that of Kirras. She took a deep breath and nodded.

“She really should rest” she started, but then simply moved back allowing the woman to enter.
Without letting Celeste get fully out of the way, she lifted her arm and pushed her slightly with her forearm and she walked inside. The woman stomped up to Kirra lying on the couch and began to shake her with a disheartening lack of gentleness that made Celeste feel very awkward. It wasn’t long before Kirra sat up, at which point her mother grabbed her by the ear.

“You ungrateful wretch of a child” she hissed. Kirra making noises indicating the pain from her ear as she was dragged upstairs. Silence crept in as Celeste stood, unsure as to what to do.

After a few minutes, Celeste decided to continue dusting, and then folded the blanket after she finished that. Abruptly the sound of a slamming door erupted from upstairs as the stomping of Kirras mother angrily made it down stairs. She didn’t look at Celeste at all as her seeming tunnel vision lead her straight to the door, which she opened and slammed shut.

Celeste glanced up but saw no sign of Kirra and began to rush up the stairs. Entering the room, she saw a crying Kirra, her hand on her check, as she crouched into a little ball on the floor. Celeste instinctively wrapped herself around Kirra, petting her head as she rocked her gently.
“Shhhhhh” she cooed. “Everything will be fine, sweetie. Everything will be fine.” She repeated. Perhaps half an hour later, Kirras tears stopped. Celeste continued to rock her gently, petting and kissing her hair until Kirra once again fell asleep.

Kirras eyes slowly opened the familiar sight of the ceiling made its way into her view. She decided simply lay there, starting at her ceiling as she wasn’t in the mood to get up. Minutes later, the smell of fresh bread filled her nostrils. She inhaled deeply, savouring the delicious aroma. Who was making bread she thought, and decided to go investigate.

As she was halfway down the stairs she could see Celeste in the kitchenette, oven mitts in one hand as she stood over the stove, her back to Kirra. With a smirk, Kirra started to move as silently as she could down the stairs and towards Celeste.

“Perfect timing…” Celeste said without looking over her shoulder or even turning her head, as she continued what she was doing.

“The pie is almost ready.”

“How did you hear me?”

“I have eyes on the back of my head” she replied with a giggle.

“Very funny. Smells like the bread is already ready.”

“The bread is, yes. The pie still needs a little bit longer.”

“Pie? What is pie?”

Celeste turned her head to Kirra. “You have never had pie?”

“Never heard of it.”

Celeste smiled warmly. “You will enjoy it, I assure you.”

A moment later, a sweet scent entered her nostrils.

“Mmmmm. Whatever that small is, I want some.”

Celeste giggled as she opened the oven.

“It’s done.” She proclaimed, as she took two pieces of thick cloth and took out the freshly baked pie.

“It will take some time to cool, so you will have to wait.”

Kirra could smell the sweet pie even stronger, which only made her want it that much more. Celeste put the pie down on the counter and sat down at the round table and presented her hand to the other chair. Kirra sat in the chair opposite her.

“How old are you Kirra?” Celeste asked.

“I will be 19 in a couple months.” She replied, “You sure we have to wait? It smells so good.”

“Yes it will burn your tongue if you eat it now…” Celeste reached over, putting her hand on Kirras shoulder “… you do not have to tell me what that was about. I feel a little ashamed I did nothing to stop her…”

“No it is not your fault” she interrupted, placed her hands on Celeste’s.

Celeste gave her a weak smile “Well when you want to talk about it, I will be here to listen.”

Kirra nodded then took a deep breath.

“Ever since allo left, genno became bitter and resentful. Whenever she would invite someone over she had interest in, they always took more interest in me. This only made her resentment and jealousy towards me even worse…”

“Genno? That is your mother’s name?”

“No” she said, shaking her head. “Genno is what we call the woman who gave birth to us. Allo is the person who impregnated the genno.”

Celeste nodded.

Another sigh and Kirra continued “I guess genno somehow found out that I have been visiting allo, and she did not like that much. Any reason to lash out at me, she does.” She said, ending with a sigh.

“I am sorry. I should have stopped her.”

Kirra shook her head “No, this is nothing to do with you…”

“That is no excuse.” Celeste interrupted, as she hung her head “I should have defended you, as my host, but also as my friend. Forgive my weakness.”

“I am as much at fault.” She replied, also hanging her head “I know I should stand up to her, but…”

“Because she is your mother, you cannot.” She finished and the pair nodded.

Celeste and Kirra were close to their destination as they walked the Matri streets. Celeste looked about with youthful curiosity as the pair made their way to Kirras allo’s house. The district where Kirras allo lived was near the core of the city, among the playhouses and concert halls. There was very little traffic at this time of day for this particular area. At night time however it would become the most bustling.

“There are no restaurants?” Celeste asked.

“What is a ‘restaurant’?” she replied.

“A restaurant is a place where people go to eat.”

“Why would they need to go somewhere?”

“Never mind. The way other societies run is very different to this one.”

Kirra shrugged.

“Here we are.” Kirra proclaimed, stopping in front of a small house.

“So anything I should know before we go in?”

“Do not take her too seriously and you will be fine.”

At that, the pair headed across the short pathway to the door. Kirra eagerly rapped on the door with a beaming smile on her face.

“Cominnnnng” came a singsong voice from inside the door.

The door opened to reveal a woman that was slightly below Celeste’s breast. She too had dark hair but was of a very delicate build.

“Oh my, so big.” She said, putting her hands on her cheeks, then took a step towards Celeste and took her hand in hers, placing a kiss on the back of her hand.

“A pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman.” She said, beaming a charming smile at her.
Celeste smiled back.

“Nice to meet you, I am Celeste.”

“And I am in love I think. I have never seen so much women all at once.” She said with a wink.

“Allo.” Kirra said, irritated.

“My apologies. I cannot help but shower such affections to one so lovely.” As she took a deep whiff of Celeste.

“And I must say that fragrance you are using is very interesting.”

“I use no fragrance. I naturally smell like this.” Celeste replied.

“Anyways, can we come in, allo?” Kirra said, her impatience shining through.

“My how silly of me, of course.” As Kirras allo stepped back and opened the door wider.

“I wish to talk to my daughter privately for a moment if you would not mind.”

Celeste glanced at Kirras annoyed expression.

“I do not mind. But my hearing is very exceptional. If you wish privacy I would suggest some sort of magical protection or going outside and walking for a minute.” She said, as she squeezed Kirras shoulder.

Mother and daughter looked at Celeste then headed upstairs as Celeste stayed where she was, the house appearing very much in design like Kirra’s however the place was certainly more colourful. The couch was infested with pillows of red and pink, the walls were also different shades or red and pink.

Upstairs, Kirra entered her allos room, and her allo closed the door behind her. Her eyes glowed blue for a moment as the air threads were woven to prevent any air from escaping, and thus no sound could travel outside the room.

“Do you think she is a little old for you?” her allo started

“What do you mean?”

Her allo, Jenivie tilter head head, giving Kirra a look.

“I am not stupid. She has you under her heel.”

“She does not!”

“Oh? I doubt that. She is a much older woman, most older woman awe younger ones with their experience and…”

“What are you talking about?”

“You follow her like a little child following her genno.”

“It is not like that. She does not even know…”

“Oh trust me, she knows. She is just making it seem like she does not so that she can manipulate you.”

“We are just friends.”

“Or so you think.”

“Get to know her first before you make any quick judgements. She even told us to use magical protection so she wouldn’t hear.”

“Very well. But when she breaks your heart, I will be here.” At that, her eyes glowed blue as well as her finger tips, and with a wave, she opened the door and headed down the stairs.

As the two headed down the stairs, Celeste was standing where they left her in front of the door.

“Lunch tiiiime, for my babiiiiiiies” Jenivie singsonged as she descended, and then scratched at Celeste’s belly as she passed by and headed towards the kitchen.

“Your allo is… very… friendly…” Celeste said to Kirra as she met her at the stairs. The two headed to the kitchen, though Celeste noticed that Kirra didn’t seem to be very pleased.

“How old are you, Celeste?” Jenivie asked over her shoulder as she picked up a bowl from the counter.

Celeste sighed. “Older than I look.”

“Is that so? You appear to be in your thirties, so how old are you then?”

“Seventy four. We… ‘Giants’ age slowly.”

Mother and daughter stopped and stared wide eyed at the giant.

“Seventy four?” Kirra and Jenivie said as one. Celeste simply nodded.

“You are twice my age!” Jenivie exclaimed. “So you must have quite a number of sexual conquests being so aged.”


Chapter 3 (Continued)

“Actually I am still a virgin. It was prohibited for me by my mother.”

“A virgin?”


“and now you wish to go against your mother?”

“No, I am doing as she wishes.”

“She wants you to be with my daughter?”

Celeste’s brow scrunched.

“I received the housing requisition this morning, so I will be leaving her house tonight. You will no longer need to fear for her safety.”

“Allo please!” Kirra pleaded.

“As long as you stay away from her.”

“Have I done or said anything to make you think I would wish to harm her?”

“Oh do not play stupid. There is only one reason why a woman your age would be with someone my daughter’s age.”

“Allo!” Kirra raised her voice slightly.

“What reason?”

“To take advantage of her. To manipulate her, then leave her once you have had your fun.”
Celeste’s brow scrunched in confusion.

“We are only friends. I do not think Kirra has such affections for me.” She said, as she glanced at Kirra. “Right?”

Kirra put her head down slightly, then lifted it as she was about to say something, but no words came forth.

“Wait… you mean you do?”

“Of course she does…” Jenivie said raising her voice.

“But… why? I am too old for you.”

“My sentiments exactly.” Jenivie snapped.

“Your age does not matter to me.” Kirra said softly, barely more than a whisper.

“How long have you… felt this way? And why didn’t you tell me?”

Kirra simply shrugged.

“Kirra would not have brought you to see me had you just been a friend.” Jenivie said, matter of factly.

Celeste put her hand on Kirras.

“I think it would be better for you to find someone else Kirra.”

“Why?!” Kirra complained.

“I am too old for you, as well, there are many things about me that you will never understand. As well, I am not sure I can… get involved so quickly. Remember that romance between women is still something I am getting used to.”

“You see, even she says you are not suited to each other.”

“But we are. We both love romance novels, you said you were getting used to romance between women, but you cannot truly understand it until you experience it. I believe we also complement each other. I am impulsive, you are patient, I am a warrior, and you are a scholar. You are seventy four. Anyone you would be with would be significantly younger than you, but age is simply a number. I suspect we may have many more things in common as well, which we can only learn in time.”

Jenivie and Celeste glanced at each other for a few moments without a word.

“You do make a good argument, but… I do not know if I am ready…”

“Then perhaps you both are suited to each other.” Jenivie said softly. “I’m not sure either of you are ready, but as she said, you both complement each other.” She continued.

Celeste walked up to the city hall, a large building right in the middle of the city. The hall itself was quite the sight, the stonework of the pillars were intricately carved to the perfect figures of women, surprisingly at many different stages: pregnancy, old age, middle age, and young. All ages were depicted as beautiful, even the old aged pillar. It had soft lines and a few wrinkles, but also a very warm and nurturing smile as her arms were held out welcomingly.

The sight that beautified women regardless of their age deeply moved her that she couldn’t help but shed a few tears. This made a big statement about the culture she concluded, that one would be respected: always.

After a few more moments of admiring the sculptures, she headed towards the hall.
Inside the hall was a large foyer which Celeste made a quick mental count of about 30 seats and 10 couches. Celeste approached the large double doors in front of her and pressed her right hand on it. The tattoos on her hand glowed and the door swung open. Walking into the receptionist area, there was about a good dozen people waiting in a line and three people already talking to the three receptionists. They were behind one large desk and papers were stacked to either side of them and behind them people were moving about and yet even more stacks of paper. Scale armour clad guards stood watch over the people as they waited patiently.

Celeste stood at the back of the line and waited patiently. Many of them gave her stares. The guards seemed to watch her more closely. She simply smiled and waited patiently to be seen.
Finally when it was her turn, she walked up to the receptionist. The guards put hands on hilts and butts of spears no longer touched the ground as she approached. Celeste gave the woman a smile and handed her the requisition form.

“I will no longer be requiring this house.” She proclaimed “Although I will now need to go over my current housing arrangements.”

The woman took the paper as it was handed to her and listened. She nodded and began searching her stack of papers.

“Pregnancy?” she asked from the pile.




She looked up from the pile.

“Marriage?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well… we are not married, but we decided to live together.” She said, blushing.

For the first time, the receptionist smiled at her and began digging into the stacks of paper.

The receptionist handed her a few pieces of paper and a stylus.

“You need to supply a reason for the shared accommodation and explain it briefly. You also have to specify the house number, district, occupation, et cetera.” She said smiling.

Celeste quickly wrote all the information down and handed it back to the receptionist.

She handed it back.

“You need to stamp it.”

“Stamp it?”

The woman took a blank piece of paper and placed it on her bare shoulder, over her personal tattoo. Celeste could see the glow and the woman showed her the paper with a copy of the woman’s tattoo on it.

“Amazing.” Celeste said. “So I just press it to my shoulder?”

“Yes, it should stamp it on its own.”

Celeste took the forms and found where it said “Stamp here” and pressed that part of the paper to her shoulder. The woman took the paper and went over it.

“Unemployed, huh? Would you like to make an application for the University?”

“Well Kirra said I should talk to someone about translating. I can read and write six languages…”

“Six?!” the woman exclaimed.

“Well 7 now I guess, Matri is a mix of two languages I knew before.”

The woman made a motion to one of the guards. The woman approached, and stepped slightly in front of Celeste, putting herself in between her and the receptionist.

“This woman claims to know six languages.“ She said, indicating Celeste. The guard nodded and seemed to look surprised.

“So you want me to bring her up to see Sora?” the guard asked, slightly turning to the receptionist and relaxing her body.

“If you could” she said, giving the guard a smile. The guard smiled back and stepped past Celeste then turned back to her. Celeste followed.

The guard led Celeste up the stairs and went down a hall. After a few doors they turned into what seemed to be a records room. They went all the way to the very back where the guard rapped on a door.

“Who is it?” a voice called.

“It’s me, Vira.” The guard responded.

The door opened and a woman peeked from within.

“Yes, what is it?”

“This woman claims to know six languages.” She replied.

“She does, does she?” She turned to Celeste. “Which ones?”

“Well, I know Cimmerian and Greek, which is what Matri is made of. I also speak German, Egyptian, Russian, and Latin.”

The woman nodded. “Well I know about Cimmerian and Greek. Which alphabet do we use?”

“The Greek alphabet.” She answered without hesitation. The woman nodded. She opened the door fully and motioned Celeste to enter.

Celeste entered the room which had two other women in it, and a pile of books and scrolls and other loose papers which Celeste noticed were in different languages, were scattered all across the desk in the middle of the room, as well as papers with notes scrawled all over them.

“This is N’Dhri, and Ruby” said the woman, indicating the two other women in the room. All three of them were lanky and slim, hair done up in a bun. The other two women had stylus’ in hand and were pouring over a tome and scrawling the odd note.

Sora reached over and picked up one of the books and handed it to Celeste. The book was written in Cimmerian, titled “Our Great Battles”

“You can read this?” she asked. The other women stopped and looked up at her.

“Yes, it’s Cimmerian.” She answered.

“What does it say?”

“The title says ‘Our Greatest Battles’” she replied.

The woman looked at the pile and handed her another.

“and this?”

“It’s Latin. ‘The Heresy of the She-Devils’”

She picked up another book and handed it to her. Celeste shook her head.

“I do not know this language.” She said. Sora nodded and gave it to one of the women.

“What other books can you not read?” she asked.

Celeste looked at the pile and began looking through them. Most of the books were written in Greek and Cimmerian, but she found some that were written in languages she knew. There was only a few that she couldn’t read. These ones she picked up and handed to the woman.

Sora looked at the books and took note of the similarity in writing.

Celeste began going through the papers and scrolls.

“Alright, stop.” Sora said. “These are books and papers that we have confiscated from travelers and donkeys left for dead on the battlefield. By translating them we hope to learn more about them, as any successful soldier knows the importance of knowing about their enemy. We would like you to translate this into Matri.”

Celeste nodded. “I may make some errors in the translation. I might translate some word to Greek when it should be Cimmerian. I am still getting used to speaking Matri. I have yet to try writing it.”


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