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i like humor as much as the next person...and i can take sexual humor...i guess when i'm in the mood...but even then it's kinda rare that i am in the mood for it...but like take today for example...i told my friend that you should always try a dish once and determine whether you like it or instead of just simply saying no...he compared food to eating a penis...and it's like i know he was joking...but like i said...maybe i wasn't in the mood for any sexual humor...i'm like no...food is about taste and texture...and he said when it comes to penis it's the same thing to a certain point...and i'm just like...-_-...so i stopped texting him after that text...cuz i didn't know what else to say...not that i wanted to say anything else after that text...but i think today just wasn't my day for sexual jokes...and well i don't know it also could be that i thought we were actually having a conversation before he went in and thru the dick jokes which kinda killed it for me...i mean i don't know...maybe my idea of joking and others are totally different...and i guess that's ok...


Another option would have been to completely ignore the joke and just bring it back to your type of conversation.


Jony, that happens I think to more people then less. There is a time and place for such joking. If I'm talking with a friend or txting/emailing I tend to be more sensitive to their needs. If I'm not in that type of relationship I don't talk about that type of detail. It doesn't feel comfortable to me. When I was in a relationship, I made it pretty clear that I was taken, so let's talk about something else. Most folks respected that. If not, and they insisted, I blocked there number. It's always ok jony if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


I think that when people are observed through a wooden kaleidoscope they tend to cry more than normal pigs when they fly through the space between letters in the alphabet


Yes,i think that every one to there Own ............LOL xxx