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I awake from a dream full of darkness
To see a bright light that shines in my eyes
To discover a new soul approaching
That fills me with a sudden surprise

She moves like an angel of wonder
Her soul shine with a brilliance of light
It’s radiance falls all around me
It shatters the darkness of night

With each step she slowly approaches
And I feel the warmth of her glow
Her spirit, it gently entwines me
As I am filled with a desire to know

To know all that she is and can offer
Her hopes, her desires, her love
Our two soul combine, meshed together
Our souls mingle like finger and glove

And now she is standing besides me
My world; it spins like a top
Filled with such joy, hope and laughter
This feeling, I wish never to stop

But as I reach out my arm to embrace her
Her form slides out of my grasp
Our time was meant but a moment
My hands falter as her soul slowly goes past

She was moving along on a journey
And I was just a stop on the way
But I long for a soul to complete me
I long for a far distant day

For a woman who’s not on a journey
Not destined to pass me on by
But for whom I am her true destination
And in my arms, her soul is to lie

For my heart, her heart is so longing
For my eyes, her spirit will cry
My smile will fill her with laughter
My love, mirrored and twinned in her eyes

Our souls will combine not for a moment
But for the whole fullness of time
Her journey and mine go together
Meshed to form a new single line

This is my true hearts desire
What I long for in the darkness of night
To find the woman whose soul will complete me
And fill the rest of my life with her light


Wow, I really like this. I know that same desire, longing and thought I'd found her but I was never what she wanted....


I would say that anyone, who can write like you is already complete-- go and find a woman, who needs you to complete her.


aww ty


What David is saying is TRUE ........ LOL xxxxx

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