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My pain - Your WRITES

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Stab my heart and make me bleed
Twist the knife
Torture me more
You know I live in this prison
And I'll never be freed
I'll love her for the rest of my life
She could only ever love me a little
She couldn't give me more
She knew she was dying
I wouldn't let go
Many times she tried to push me away
But I wouldn't leave I had to stay
Now all I have is bitter tears
They taste so sweet
Life passes me by
As all I do is cry

Then a hand to hold comes along
You love me more than anyone
I pushed you away
Leave me alone
Until you pushed my walls down
And we cried together
Love me like that you begged of me
I told you if I do you'll never be free
You said that's what she wanted and needed to be
Days went by and so did weeks 
and months until I finally had to agree

But then you rip my heart out
Left me with pain and doubt
Until I heard you too were sick
Laying in a hospital bed sleeping
I wonder if you dream of us
While all this time I was weeping

I painted on a happy face
No one saw my pain 
No one knew  what I was going through 
Now all I wish is to be with you


Hold your knife
I'll throw away
Coz everyone has a life
That shouldn't be waste
She knows you will be crying
When she knew she was dying
So , she only love you a little
But to you , It means the whole world
Even If someone comes along
You will only think of her more
The tears in your eyes
Never once stop you to write
I can sense your pain
Even without looking at your face
And so I decide
Just to pass by
Too see If you are alright
Before I say Goodnight


Thank you ella for your beautiful sweet words and being the only one brave enough to answer this one.
I was asked what is it about last night in the chatroom so I will tell you.
It is the pain of losing someone I loved and someone new wanting and needing love then disapearing only to find that person is now in hospital.
Wanting to stop all their pain but now having the pain of loving them.


I know some people
Who live in pain in this world
When you wanna reach out your hand
Even fears can't stop your strength
You wanted much to scream
Coz of some shattered dreams
I have much to tell you
But I don't even know where to start too
So all I can do
Is to write my truth
I have just return
From the doctor
And I m now on medication :P
Again having those pills
It makes me more ill (lol)
But I still wanna be here for you
For I promise I will always love you
Because we are all a family
And I have so much to give
I'll wipe you tears
Since I m here
Don't be afraid
Things will be okay
For the passion in you
Always been so true
You have the positivity
Because you always believe
For I m just a passer-by
But I m not here to say Goodbye


Too beautiful writers in one post this is something i love. :-)

Beautifully written carol but heart breaking but loved every bit .


Thank You Shabs .... Me too , I love every piece of Carol's poems ... xx


Thank you Shabs and Ella you are both so sweet


You are more than welcome , Carol .. Miss you .. It's been awhile we haven't spoke again lol ...

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