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I digress I am a sinner,
My faults are mine alone,
But who are you to stop and say,
That as I am I should atone?

Queer I am in every way,
Different from everyone,
If we all were just the same,
What then would be done?

Abomination I have been called,
To hell I'll go I'm told,
And I must say I am appalled,
That you would be so bold.

You tell me that for loving men,
I have succumbed to lust,
But I am who I have always been,
These words you can trust.

Yet, trust, you don't,
You would say I'm sick,
That like some bad habit,
These thoughts I can kick.

Thoughts? No, they are feeling,
They are part of me,
As high as the sky,
And as wide as the sea.

We are all so beautiful,
Yet when you speak words as these,
It makes me wonder which of us,
Suffers from disease.

You need to know I am the same,
As any one of you,
No one deserves an ounce of blame,
For a pointed finger is not due.

I am a man who would love all,
One with eyes from which tears flow,
When the ones I love tell me I'm wrong,
Without trying to learn to know.

A sinner I'll be to my dying day,
For many reasons it's true,
But one is not because I'm gay,
Believe or not it's up to you.


Beautiful, I concur.


This is very good Alan. And the way I believe, we are all born as sinners. I believe that this is why Jesus Christ came, so that those who believe, accept and follow His path are the ones who really understand His total unconditional love. He came for me and He spent His time with those that were considered outcasts. He has called me to be a light for others. We all are here for a reason! Thank you again for sharing thru your poems the struggles, pain and beauty of your world.

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