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You hate yourself
you cut yourself
you starve yourself

You’d do anything to lose yourself intoxication
Even if it’s just for a night.
To forget
To go numb
Each night you cry yourself to sleep
Praying to a god you don’t believe in to never awake again.
When I die my story will live on.
But not in storybooks or on a grave plate
But on my arms and legs…
I have no one to blame other than myself.
I chose to wake up today
I chose to go to class today
I chose to take my own life today.


Ah Dalton, Please let me help u i hate that last line, I Love u Dalton as does everybody else here, Please get 2 talk 2 a Professional, I had 2 do it, I Had more than 10 Suicide attempt's, but now i want 2 live so much after talking 2 the Right Person. Please Listen 2 Reason. xx


See the truth about suicide. See the cheat that it is. It ends all your possibilities. If some people embrace this option to get some sort of control on the other side-- well, they get none. All your opportunities to get control are on this side of life. Believe me, our life on Earth ends soon enough without our having to do anything about it. We have this life as a gift, which contains within it so many other gifts: everything from puppies and kittens, to flowers everywhere, to the taste of our favorite foods-- to finding others to love. It's all on this side. Just keep hanging on 'til the scenery changes. We ALL have to do that sometimes. I know you said you don't believe in God--but I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you and send Angels to you.


Very Nicely put David

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