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Love grows stronger everyday - Poetry Group

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She looked at me
With sadness in her eyes
I asked what happened
With tears she tells me
why she cries

She looks at me and for the first time
She starts to trust another
She gives me her hand
And I take hold and then she gives me the other
Hands holding hands

I give a little squeeze
Her smile is so cute
It turns into a cheeky grin
As she opens her heart
And let's me in

Love grows like a flower
By the year, month, week, day and hour
Yes it's true friends can love each other more every day
Until friends are lovers
We hide under the covers

It's so wonderful to have someone
Who you can tell your secrets to
Someone to cry with and laugh with
I just want to make you happy
To see your smile
To hear you laugh
I love you


HI! I likey very much. This sounds like you are a very happy camper.


beautiful xx

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