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My Sweetheart----Shut Up And Kiss Me - Poetry Group

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I love the way you wake me
so early in the morning.
When you say something flirty,
and surprise me without warning.

You make me so very happy,
For many different reasons.
I look forward to a life with you
and changing of many seasons.

Sometimes I am speechless
not sure what to say.
Your beauty overwhelms me
each and everyday.

"Just shut up and kiss me"
is what you always say
I love it when you say it
and of course I gladly Obey

I'm starving for you sweetheart
and longing for your touch.
I know I'm very impatient
It's just because I love you so much.

I'm counting down the days
but time has slowed way down.
I'm longing for that moment
Within those beautiful eyes I can drown.

I want you, need you, love you
forever and a day
I will always be beside you
Holding hands along the way.

Je t'aime Racha.


i love your poem somehow it overwhelms me, reading stuff that can speaks for on my behalf when i myself can't express myself well through words. thanks for sharing this


You give me many promises
And here I am seeing the progress

Heaven on earth, great future, happiness & love
I'll remember that while hanging our Xmas tree dove

I am not talented as you are
In cooking, rhyming or playing guitar

But I try to show you how I'm feeling
In a way that could be appealing

I know i suck at poems but i just wanted to tell u Je t'aime aussi mon amour.


I love it sweetheart. (especially the xmas tree dove)

I am mesmerized by you...even when you're asleep!!

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