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Drowning - Poetry Group

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I was avoiding your calls,
Trying to ignore you,
Trying to hide how you make me feel,

Collapsing under my own weight,
Crumbling into pieces,
Crying cuz it was you I wanted.
Always you (you were the one).

You helped me through life (my Guardian Angel),
Well now you can no longer help.
It's hard to even think about you (to know you exist).

Our love never to be the same.
For us to never be again.
Wish that our love would never die (dead).

Sinking like a stone thrown into a pond (battle ship).
Feeling so heavy knowing this once was.

And there is no song to soothe a broken heart,
At least not this one (sad sad love songs).

My days and nights run together.
Wishing I couldn't dream.
Dreaming about us (about you).
Our love that seemed like a tale,
The tale that would end happy (love you now and forever).

How do you make memories fade?
Memories, ones that are so vivid..?
How do I make you disappear (leave me)..?

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