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(I will say right now, I am NOT looking to harm myself or commit suicide. I just have crazy thoughts. So please, enjoy and relax.)

She dies inside.
She's stuck between the present and the past.
Her love life that once was and the love life of today.
Her past love shows more affection and attention,
While the other seems to be so busy.

All she wants is life to be simple.
She wants a lover who will love her no matter what.
A lover willing to be by her side forever.
A shoulder to cry on.
Instead she finds comfort in a sharp pocket knife.
Finding her blood to be her favorite color.
Time after time this is the only way she could ever cope.

There was a place and time where she could find help.
There was more warmth and comfort there.
But she happened to try to stay strong, smile, and laugh,
When others knew she was hurt.
She wears a mask and doesn't complain.

She dies inside.
She's stuck trying to figure out what's better for her.
What would make her happy.
She stares at her blade.
The only thing that makes her happy.
She feels alone and in the dark.
She smiles and doesn't complain.

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