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As many times as I continue to rethink about how my past was, I regret it even more than I ever will... I guess karma can be a bitch..."
I know I was wrong. I know what I did to you was horrible. I have said sorry. I don't care if you believe me.
I can't believe you though, tearing me down and lying to me... If you didn't want to be with me, then why did you ever bother to bring it up? I wish you would have just told me. I would have stayed out of your way. Out of sight. I just guessed I expected the same as last time. Time tells all tales.
I would have gave you my regards and left a farewell latter behind. You lead me on and left me numb. I was blind and dumb.
I'll apologize again. I'm sorry for the way I had acted. I wish I could still love you, but time has told me all the tales. Good-bye.


Very nice & real too

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