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being true - Get HAPPY

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being a woman is more tha curves and hips,
full breasts, full lips.
being a woman is more than being a wife, bearing babies.
and i know the only ones that feel me would be the real ladies.
being a woman is hard in a world that would never give.
trying to stay afloat, just trying to live.
being a woman is about being true,
to your family and friends, but most importantly to you.
being a woman is about being comfortable in your own skin,
and not watching these fake images and giving in.
being a woman is about not needing your worth justified by a man,
to not just know you are worth the moon and stars... but to really understand.
a woman is strength and truth,
when the time comes every girl, i promise you're find the woman in you.
i write this for every woman who just might need a lift...
being a woman is about feeling deep in your soul that you are a... magnificent gift.


This is really good and so true! Women are much stronger in other ways then most men. We are amazing gifts given to make an incredible difference in our world! Maybe that's one reason I love the movie "Steel Magnolias"....that which does not kill us makes us stronger!


That was very true Ola and you have a good talent writng poems. Keep up the god work and bless us with more. Thank You!!!!!


I hear ya child, i hear ya, im a true example of womanhood, i tell ya im a true example child. big up the Hot stepper, me is Hot Granny, in da house and as loose as a mouse i got my own house so come party. x

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