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so my mom had a an appointment today to see if she could enroll Luna in this school program...and it ends up that because of her b-day she's gonna be held back 1 year...which i think is stupid...she's already had 1 yr of Pre-k...so why should she be there 2 more yrs...just cuz her b-day is in December???....right now ur child has to be born before or on Dec 2nd to get into school...but now they're trying to push the deadline to sometime in November...i mean where the hell is this gonna stop???...and they're planning to do this nation-wide...i mean why the hell don't they have a test or some sort of evaluation to see if the child is ready to go to kindergarden or not???...that simple...Luna already knows her alphabet in both english and spanish, she knows how to count to 20...knows her colors and shapes...so i mean this is ridiculous...well all i can hope for is that Luna continues being a bright child so she could skip a grade and be at the level she should've been in the 1st place...


I know what you mean. Government in the US barks so many rules at us, holding us to the highest standards-- while holding themselves to none. It really is one law for citizens--and another for government. We have to do as we're told, but government openly enforces what laws it will and ignores what laws it pleases. They dismiss the constitutional idea that their authority proceeds from the citizens of the land. Where i live, we have a great many illegal aliens in the schools. The districts place them according to their age, as reported by parents. In other words, whether or not an illegal alien student is prepared for a given grade-level, he or she is placed in it because of his or her general age. Citizen students, however, have to follow a separate and very rigid set of placement guidelines..........


As a retired teacher and foster parent I can easily see both sides of the issue. I have worked both in the public and the private sector and can tell you from experience that sometimes kids are ready younger and some are not mentally there when it comes to the extra time away from home and the family it may be too much.

She may very advanced and may get bored by the time that she gets to school, but you have to keep encouraging her to learn more, start with colors, patterns, reading easy words and daily things can be turned into learning possibilities.

It may not be fair that they won't allow her for another 2 yrs, but you now have the power to make sure that she is getting a better education...don't leave it to the hands of the public school system.

For a private school I wrote curriculum that is used nation wide...you can easily structure a fun learning environment for Miss Luna at home. Being actively involved in her education is one of the greatest gifts that you can give her. Let me know if there is any way that I can help you.


well again that's where i feel that maybe an evaluation test should be given so that they could move on to the next grade...and of course we're not gonna leave to the school system to teach her everything...we're still gonna continue teaching her at home...my friend says that for kindergarden her niece has to count from 1-100...i'm sure with enough time & dedication a child could really learn that...but i think the kids should be given a break...i mean not even we were obligated to know that much...i feel like they're expecting baby geniuses to pop out of the womb or something...but some of these requirements really seem ridiculous...


It is just a random cutoff date that paperwork dictates. No expectations of genius. But I can see why so many of my friends chose to homeschool at least the first few years if you otherwise have kid social activities with them- sports or tumbling or the like. Is it easier to jump grades once you are older and have more testable skills?