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ok so my little Luna is 3 1/2 yrs old...so one day i don't remember what type of conversation they were having...but all i know is that my mom was telling Luna that i'm gay...and of course Luna is too young to understand what that means...and i'm actually wondering...so at what age do you guys think someone should sit down and explain to a child what it means to be gay???...i mean i'm not dating now...and i know that right now she might or might not understand...cuz i feel at this age it will confuse her a bit...so obviously she needs to be older than 3...so yea any parental insights will be appreciated....thanks...


when they ask and give it to them in small doses like i did my son when he was 8


Well I was pretty young my self when my mom told me but I have a younger brother and he really didn't understand what it really ment to b gay till he was about 5 or so and I think that's with most kids...I say around 5 or 7 for her to really understand what it means


Yep, about the 8ish age is about right,but u have 2 Factor in the Child's, Let's say state of mind, People have 2 be really Careful how everything is Explained 2 a Child, Cause they are all Diffrent and make what they want of what is said. Then there's the Child who Worship's their Brother, Uncle, Dad Etc, and may Reject such a Discussion as it may Hurt Them Mentally, so i Think in that Case i would wait till they are much Older.