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Cancer - Get HAPPY

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I don't think anyone has not been effected by it
If you have ecaped it's grasp you will know someone who hasn't
In times like these we all need to hold on to hope
I had seen so much over the last few years
When I was diagnosed with leukemia what seems like a life time ago now
I was lucky enough to go on new trial drugs which is what I want to tell you
The teatments are improving all the time and as bad as things may seem there is always hope
It is true cancer is a word not a sentence so this is what we need to remember as we support our loved ones in times of pain


Yep.........watched my dearest friend struggle and pass because of cancer. It took almost twenty years. It puts life into a much different perspective when every conversation ended with.....in case, remember I love you and .........

We were there for each other, unconditonally and even though she moved around and then so did I, we always kept in touch. I don't know many people who can say that about their friends. I know it's rare and i've blessed.


After 4 years of fighting for it, I am finally scheduled for my cancer surgery. This will not cure my cancer, but it will prevent any future spread. They have now done biopsies to detect for 2 other types of cancer...just want to be done with this whole ordeal.


Well said Carol, Cancer is a word not a sentence.


have a look around for some of the more natural cancer therapies around. there are quite a few and many of them do actually work which is more than i can say about most of the ones touted by conventional medicine. they are virtually killing you off with every round of chemo and radiation and forcing your body to rebuild and in doing so destroying your immune system instead of supporting it and helping it to fight the cancer naturally. most people who die of cancer these days actually are killed by the treatment more so than the cancer itself as the treatments can destroy the body to the point where it just cannot rebuild itself. these treatments all cost pennies in the dollar compared to conventional treatments which is a big part of why they are not used or researched. these big companies just cannot make any money out of them

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