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heres number one
The moon and sun round the day watching the earth as they hold sway. Looking down at the chaos wishing for peace to enscroll the world. I see them everyday my lord and lady dancing away. I stretch my arms but can't reach but my mind my safe place touches them. We dance together in my dreams three together for all to see.


Vary good Brian, ............ lol xxxx


thanks here is number 2
The Blade of soul
THe weak ore of the soul needs fire of grief and water of sorrow. With blows of anger it flatens out. With these three experiences the ore goes strong but bitter. Then a breeze of kindness the light of love. The bitter ashes are blown away. The blade gleams true and sharp. With a trusting person the blades worth is shone and seen by all. This is the way of the blade of soul.


number 3
The shadow of help
The shadow rep is cloaked in fear. But that is not needed for it to wear. It can help those who need. To be safe and in harmony. Simple lose of fear can start the way. To be connected with the shadows three. The shadows caused by light, night, and fright are here to help the rest. So look in the shadows might and lose your fright and be safe this night.

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