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I was ask by Allan Ross to past this on...

Allan Ross

1:41pm Jul 25

well mike, a bit of interesting news today, the scottish goverment confirmed today that it will press ahead with same-sex marriage rights, so in scotland next year the legislation will go through the scottish parliament, and equal marriage rights will be then legal in Scotland.
Please post this on gays.com, as i know that jessica in taipae, and wendy in the USA, was interested in what was happening, and any others may be interested to learn that scotland is not as barbaric as some think , thanks mike.


This was a message I got from Allan and he ask me to pass it on and I ask if anyone knows Jessica or Wendy to please ask them to come read this...

Thank you


Yes i think that this is the ( good ) new`s,what we all have been waiting
for. All what we now want is for Countries to Follow Scotland`s lead.

Well done Scotland. I for shure will be going to Scotland,for when i get Married,

Tommy, lol xxx