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Don't come crying to me - Poetry Group

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don't come crying to me
telling me how you were dumped
because you never took the time to care

don't come crying to me
saying I'm everything you need
and how you wish I was there

don't come crying to me
when you say she's back in your life
and you want me to be happy for you
because she will be your wife

don't come crying to me
when you start the lies and cheating once more
I won't be around to pick up the pieces
when she walks out you door


Guess what?
I am really over all the lies
I came here because I thought I would find real people
But everyone lies
And I can't stand the good byes
I just feel like saying fuck it all but
Again someone asked me for a favor
and I said yes 
So I bite my lip and say nothing
I will not comment on this
If anyone reads it 
I really don't care
But how to tell the truth when
I'm asked to stay quiet
I hate secrets 
So I'll post this where no one will see
So don't come crying to me


Exactlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I agree on every word.


I know how you feel

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