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Dump things - Get HAPPY

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Sometimes I amaze myself how silly I can be and all the dumb things I do.

Welcome, strangers, to the show
I'm the one who should be lying low
Saw the knives out, turned my back
I hear the train coming, stayed out on the track

We make slips of the tongue.
We wear rose-colored glasses.
When we multitask, we get stupid.
We see, but we don’t see.
We notice on a need-to-know basis.
We skim when we shouldn’t.
We think we’re better than we are.

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But Carol all those things make you, YOU!

And yes sometimes I may think I'm better till God puts me back in my place.

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This Carol,
is just being a Human Being ..........

We all do all these thing`s at time you know,
( Ha,ha,ha,) ..............


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