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Rainbows of color are swirling inside
Taking me on a magic ride
To dare to go where I have never been before
Opening each and every door

To explore and discover
Awonderful new lover
One that will see in my eyes
Where all the colors of love lies

I have so much to give
And being alone is no longer how I choose to live
And when I look into her eyes I too will see
All the colors of reflecting back to me

So take my hand and lead me into
That place that I hold for you
A place that I have held in my heart so long
Where I can hear our love song

A song that cries out that we both can hear
That keeps drawing us ever so near
Until the day we stand face to face
And with my hands your body I trace

I slip into your arms and they wrap around
My feet barely touching the ground
And when our lips meet at last
We will forget all about the past


Beautiful, Ola.


It is really a beautiful poem Ola xx

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