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If it rains tomorrow,
Should the seraph sing,
It would not be in sorrow,
For the cold the weather brings.

A downpour high on summer,
As warm as it is cool,
The leaves fall towards the drummer,
In the rain is he the fool?

The sky shall open slowly,
The light will be known to all,
The rain will be unburdened,
For the rain shall never fall.

If it rains tomorrow,
I will ease the sting,
The sky is mine to borrow,
I will help the seraph sing.


Alan, dude seriously, you need to get some of these published if your not already! I am amazed at the talent so many have here. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Debbie. No, I am not published, but I wouldn't mind getting there... I submitted a couple of them to the New Yorker recently. I doubt they'll except them though. The sky is the limit, however, and that is exactly what I'm aiming for.


Good for you and let no one tell you otherwise!


amazing, alan, simply stunning


@ Alan,
WELL DONE .........


This is beautiful

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