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Lost in the crowd - Get HAPPY

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All my emotions I bottle them up
But I'm about to bust
I'm over flowing like a cup

All the anger
All the pain
All the bitterness
You think I only have love

I get so frustrated
So mad
So sad
I cry at night

Do you think there is any hope
Should I hold on to my dreams
Or should I just sit and mope

I'll scream out loud
No one hears
So it's no use
I'm lost in the crowd

So I learn to be happy
Happy with what I've got
It's not a lot

So I smile through the pain
I don't show the world
And they wonder how the hell I make it through
Well the answer's simple I think of you


So very true Carol oh so true to me.


Lovely as usual & veryyyyy true. xxx

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