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If this were a legend and I were a king,

Would you kneel before me,

Would you kiss my ring?

Would you play the jester,

The gayest of fools,

Or the extraordinary artisan with his medley of tools?

Would you be a soldier,

Bound by blood, sword, and vow,

Who'd prefer life as a knight,

Would you have that right now?

Perhaps you'd be the farmer,

Who doesn't know why or how,

But demands compensation for his stolen plough,

I'd rule lands of folly from the edge of a throne,

Would you be the witless who presumes the unknown?

Would you be the pagan,

That other's call witch,

Would you be the seamstress renowned for her stitch?

Would you be a child in the streets numb and cold,

Would you have a brother or something to hold?

Would you be the poet,

The bard with such tales,

Of magical kingdoms and of dead kings that failed?

Maybe a magician,

With a sharp silver tongue,

Whose only accomplishment are his words that have stung?

Would you be the pauper,

Who steals purse and bread,

Some would call you a mongrel,

That you'd be better off dead.

If this were a legend and I were a king,

Of a realm such as this with the sorrow it brings,

Of starvation, vexation, and all those contrite,

Would I be the better,

What would give me the right?

To pass judgement on those that I have never met,

But a throne must hold power and here I was set,

Were this a legend and if I held the crown,

I'd climb the highest of mountains,

And let it fall down.


Well, if you don't want the crown, I'll take it off your hands-- no need to let it drop into oblivion. OR, I would happy as a knight in your kingdom. : ) Seriously, though: a fine poem is your "Reign".


If you were a king or a pauper either one. I would not steal the
crown from atop your head. Instead, I'd lay you down in my bed. "Reign" is a very good poem.

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