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The cosmic orgasm - Get HAPPY

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Long along so they say
There was a big bang
Planets were formed 
The sun gave it's heat 
To bring life to earth

In these coming days we now wait 
For it's almost here
Wise ones say there will come a day
When some will be washed away
Others will be engulfed in flames
Till nothing remains

The day is coming soon
So we watch and we wait
What will be mans fate

The cosmic orgasm
Will come soon
Your minds will be blown 
The new world will begin
The old will be gone

Some will be enlightened
Others will be lost forever 
It will come some can't wait
But others will be frightened

But know this
We can't stop it
It's coming soon
Look to the skies
The stars and the moon 


Should I b scared or what!!!!


No matter what happens I always love to look at the skies Even If It pours .. Lol - when the rain gets into my nose , hell I almost choked

Love this poem


@carol: actually I can't wait but my job here (on earth) is not done

@ella: too funny!


WOW,what a way to GO !!!!!!!!!!!.

I have no problem with that at all ............

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