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Remember your jumper - Get HAPPY

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Her eyes twinkle like stars in the night
Lips so soft & gentle as they kiss my troubles away
Her smile hides all the pain she feels.
I'll hold her close & I'll hold her tight
She wants to scream out loud
But hides away from the crowd.
She sits & writes everyday & every night.
She closes her eyes & in her dreams she flies
She dances across the floor
She spins & sings & laughs once more.
The days grow colder now
She must remember her jumper
When she's brave & steps out the door.
She said she wants nothing
Just a little love
Some days are good some are bad
But hold on to life she must
Everything has changed
No more parties & being bad
Just sit in the dark & be happy & glad


awesome as always Carol dont stop em comming I enjoy them very much



I'm not sure would you like me to tell you what the poem I wrote was about at the time?
This girl was dying of cancer and she bravely taken steps outside and found herself in a park.
She was sitting there remembering all the good times of her past.
Parties and friends, her sister in-law found her almost blue with the cold and she said you need a jumper on.
She told her she didn't feel the cold and was hurried home.





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