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my mom, grandma, and i were in the car on our way to the groceries...and my grandma started talking about the guy who did the shooting during the Dark Knight Rises movie...and saying how he's gonna be locked up forever...then my mom says "they're not gonna lock him up...12 people are dead they're gonna kill the bastard...cuz nobody is gonna want their tax dollars going towards the costs of maintaining him alive"...it surprises me that my mom all of a sudden feels that way...even more so that people's idea of justice sometimes has to do with killing someone...i've already had my "Every Life Is Sacred" discussion...and even tho some individuals have "no souls"...i still don't see what killing one more person is gonna solve anything or bring any closure...of course it's more economical to kill someone rather than to keep them alive...and it's sad that it has to come to that...of course i've never been in this predicament where i've lost someone because of violence...but well these are my thoughts about it right now...if anyone would like to share anything...feel free to do so...or leave a comment on what you think about what i've said so far...


Well Jony, i totally agree with u, i hate the Violence i face every day,i have lost count the number of Women and Children i have had 2 put into body bag's. Have i killed anyone, well i cant say, but i did have 2 defend myself and my Comrade's.


It was a very sad thing to hear before I had my coffee. Violence is not a cure or answer to anything....just leads to more violence.


So totally agree with Elvia. Violence damages everyone it touches!


I somewhat agree with the group, it's not a matter of vengeance but rather economics. When a violent crime is perpetrated and so clear cut as this particular case, isn't it better to just put this individual down? Honestly, this person (James Holmes) has no conscience and planned this crime for months, which indicates reasoning. He was in the process of obtaining a PHD, which also indicates high intelligence. After killing 12 people and wounding 58 others, should we, could we rehabilitate him? I think everyone agrees he should and will spend the rest of his life in prison... now the debate should be do we believe and/or condone capital punishment? Personally, I think when a case is as clear cut as this one is... yes, the sooner the better for all involved. However, when it's circumstantial or solely based on eye witness accounts, I believe no b/c so many times DNA testing or other suppressed information has cleared the defendant years later.

My heart goes out to the families and friends that lost a loved one. Nothing will really satisfy them other than getting their loved one back. However, justice can give them closure as far as this particular defendant (making sure he's locked away and cannot harm others and thereby others won't have to feel the same heartache from losing a loved one as they're experiencing).

I also believe our thoughts should be towards gun control. Personally I believe in the 2nd Amendment to bare arms... however I don't think assault weapons are a reasonable right afforded to citizens. The only way "we the people" can stop the gun lobbyists is by demanding better from our elected officials. If you agree, please sign every petition that comes your way in the coming months. Go to www.bradycenter.com, they've already started a petition.

Peace be with you.


i agree with Beatrice about limiting what type of guns should be sold to civilians...and we should all check that out before situations like these start happening more often...i hope that together we can help decrease these type of violent acts...


I sign petitions like these everyday and will keep doing so. I have to say honestly in extreme cases such as this, or serial rapists or serial pedophiles, I would rather NOT see them live another day to victimize another person. My thoughts run along the same lines as mentioned by Beatrice. I also think the media plays a huge role when they say things like "this is the largest massacre that has......" , it only encourages the next killer out there! I'm sorry if this sounds callous, if it this obvious I don't think the person even deserves a trial. This guy should already punished and in many cases I think they should die the way their victims died. And yes, I am a Christian and yes I'm making a judgement but I am also not perfect. Just my opinion!


well i'm catholic and i'm not perfect myself..and i'm not attacking you or anything...but i really hate when people say they're not perfect...you don't have to use perfection as some justification or something...because nobody is...and i'm not attacking you Debbie just so you're sure...but still who are we to say that man's life is worth nothing and means nothing???...again i think it's easy for me to speak this way because i'm not a victim...and i'm speaking from another point of view...even with his death...there is still no justice...the death penalty is just a legal way to say "an eye for an eye"...you take their lives now we take urs...the death penalty doesn't and should have a place in justice at all...because at the end of the day...you can't even call it justice...at least that's the way i see it...


Jony I never said a mans life is worthless, this particular person was going for his Phd. He was very smart. Why didn't he choose to follow a different path? I think all life is precious especially the little child he killed in the process. We don't know who that child would have become or how any of these murdered or injured people were affecting this planet, their world for the better!

What made him choose a long time back to decide to kill? Jony he dreamed about this, planned for this, once he turned that corner there was no looking back, his thoughts were of killing, and as many as he possibly could, otherwise he wouldn't have booby trapped his apartment. What would life in prison for him do? Give him a warm bed, three meals a day, and lots of time to ponder or revel in what he did.

In the mean time hundreds of lives have been ripped apart and will never be the same. The victims who survive and those not injured will now suffer and live with the trama of PTSD! Nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, they'll probably never set foot in another theater, they won't be able to eat, they probably won't be able to sleep through the night. Many will need medications that will eventually poison their systems, they will need therapy for a long time, many will suffer in their own prisons but their prisons are now filled with flashes of the hell james released when he pulled the trigger!

I wasn't using my "not being perfect" as an excuse. I stand by what I said and it's ok to "agree to disagree" jony. I have been a victim. As a child. That's all I'll share about that. That's not the basis for any percieved anger here, it's the tremendous saddness I feel for those affected by one man's decision.

Then in order to make room in our crowded prisons they send others back to the community jails or send them home with ankle bracelets. They're not suppose to be violent criminals but in my county we have repeat pedophiles and wife beaters who were sent back home with an ankle braclet monitoring device. Do those devices let you know if they are once again harming another!

I'm just saying his punishmnet.............no matter what it is will never, ever be sufficient for those who will carry this with them the rest of their lives.

Jony, please don't let this one opinion of mine keep us from chatting. I think your are an incredible young man with many exceptional talents. I admire your strength young man!

@richard: you my amazing friend are in a completely different situation and I can only admire someone who has done what you have had to do. War is different. But i'd like to thank you again for being where you are and for making a difference to so many war victims.


Tanx Debbie, that Mean's a Lot


what made him do this???...well we won't know that until more information is released...and as horrible as it may sound...life in prison wouldn't really do anything to him...but why should the law end his life just as easily as he ended those lives???...i think ALL life is sacred...and alive or dead...those victims will never be the same...i totally believe in agree to disagree Debbie...and that's fine...no worries this difference of opinion won't stop us from chatting...you are not the only one that might feel this way...i'm just a very observant person who shares his opinions...and it's always interesting to see other people's opinion...i agree with Debbie about you Richard...it's a totally different situation...even i don't believe in war in the 1st place...but well stay safe...and i'm glad to hear from you...haven't seen you in the chat for a while...don't be a stranger..


Tanx Jony, I am a Peace Keeper, but they alway's try 2 kill us, But Trying 2 defuse a Situation by Diplomatic term's is our Top Priority, sorry but sometime's that dosnt Work.


I am for peace and I also believe all life is sacred!
Is it justified when someone who killed people is beïng sentenced to death?
Imagine the killer just beïng sentenced to jail, and years later, when this person comes free, he or she starts killing again... (there are many examples of situations like this).
Would it be better if that person was sentenced to death the first time?
I'm goïng to use a quote from 'The Lord Of The Rings' fantasy novel by one of my all time favorite writers, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien:

"Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends."

I know I never want to be a judge, having the responsibility to decide whether or not a person should live, even when that person took lifes him/herself...


well...i wasn't saying that he should be let out...he should put to the jail for the rest of his life...but well i like ur opinion...it's very interesting...


I know you weren't Jony :-)
These are just thought (questions) that go through my head in situations like this...
I don't know what would go through my head if someone close to me would be a victim, and I hope I never have to find out...

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