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Smiling on the Outside...? - Poetry Group

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Yep thats right im smiling
bright one that doesn't
quit go to eyes but its bright
and seems genuine
so you believe it.

You believe that fake smile
thats put for those
that dont bother
to look closer

If only they did
the would see a twitch
a crack in the facade

The truth of whats on the Inside

A frown

So where does that place you?
DO you look close enough to know a real smile to one that's forced?
Something fake that's put on like make up?

Honestly ask yourself this question,

I know when I did I realized that i don't,
SO much time putting up a mask
i no longer know the truth of
real or fake

its all just one big blank

Because well
I'm Smiling on the Outside and that enough


This is so true! Well I don't mind hearing what's behind the twitch. I understand loss, pain, hurt, confusion and lonliness. Thank you for sharing!


Some times i don`t Smile ( not often )but i
am happy/smiling on the inside tho.

With me you can all ways can tell,by my
wide twinkiling eye`s. ...............


It's seems pretty obvious to me when I look in someones eyes, if something is wrong or if they're ok!


Yes,yes,you can,Debbie .........
I find that my self ......
They say that the EYES are
the window`s of the Soul ........

How True ..........


Tommy You are right, the eyes are the true window into a persons soul. There arent man y that can hide there true feelings in there eyes, but some can.


Yes,Cynthia, But not vary many peaple can get away with this ........... You gotta be a Oscor standard Actor to come any whare near ...........
Or just wear a pair of Sun Glasses if you are not .........


@cynthia: I think you would be amazed at how many people go through life hurting behind the mask.

@tommy: have you ever noticed when your out and about the number of people who won't make eye contact with you, I hide behind sunglasses sometimes.


@ Debbie,
Yes i have niticed that a lot ..........

@ Cynthia,
No not in a million year`s would i ever
think that you would ever act.

I know that you are a 100% genuine person,
and when i made that Statment,i did not mean
you,but Peaple in Generol .........

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