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The Dark Shadow - Poetry Group

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A shadow comes over me
You should leave now
Before it's too late
I'll break your heart
It means nothing to me
You can't see my pain
I hide it well
You put demands on me
Say I want you
I wish you would go to hell
You say you love me
You don't even know me
You tell me I'll break your heart
I don't even know if you have one
You'll call me a lier
In time I just know it
You'll just get up and go
I say I'm alone
But I'm really not
I need the passion and desire
Can you give it to me
I'll take it from you
Don't ask for promises
I'll leave you in pain
I can take you and I'll break you
Be careful what you wish for
Don't want me
Don't need me
Don't love me
Just don't
I'll stamp on your heart
After ripping it apart
I'll just walk away
So run now
Don't say I didn't warn you


I cant say any words, but sooooo true xxx




@ Carol,
As a guy`s point of veiw,that is
a Typical Woman,at that time of
the month ..................

That`s the time when us guy`s,just
cannot do anything right for doing
wrong ...........

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