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I have some vary bad new`s in the respect,of a vary Liked fellow
Member has now now desided to leave though BULLYING !!!!!!!!!!!.

She and i,have had a vary good Chat,and she had told me,of
all of the BULLYING what she has sufferd over a long time.

To STOP this happenig,i want you all to REPORT & BLOCK,
any Member on here,who ever it be,who is BULLYING you
straight away !!!!.



The terms of use are very clear about this:
when using the Website’s Services you must NOT:
■ Stalk or harass another User.

I've been bullied a big part of my life (remembering often beïng beat up by "schoolmates" when I went to school) so I know what it feels like and I do not wish anyone to experience something like that!

I do not even understand how it is even possible there is bullying on this site?
Everywhere in the world we have to fight for our rights, fight to make people understand there is nothing wrong with beïng Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender... That we all deserve to be treated equally and that we all deserve love...

And then I read something like this here on a site where I thought we would all accept each other for who we are...

This makes me sad!


bullying that is so wrong. i `ve been there.the place we have to be ourselfs and this upsets me. that this can happen here.


It can only happen if we allow it to happen. Being upset or sad are natural and justified feelings when it happens, but we must move beyond that (if we can) and make very clear that bullying is not the right way to communicate.

So I agree with Tommy that reporting and blocking is the only way to get rid of it.


Tommy why has she left?if she has reported/blocked and it still didnt stop the how will we stop it?


I know for a fact that if you report someone for bullying they will be taken care of by the site mangers..So report all those who bully you...Leaving the site is only up to that person...


@ Gary,
I wanna thank you for your Question.

I would of been back sooner but i have just got her Pemission to
use her name Christion name on here.

Kate at the moment felt that she had to leave as all this Bullying
has got to her. At the moment i am trying to get her back to
confront these peaple but she has said that as soon as the Report/Block
button is pressed then thay Delete.


@ Mike,
Yes as you are saying,all these Bullys Should/will
be delt with.
This then Gary is the way it will Work,only if we can
all do it together .................


I am wondering what the nature of bullying. I for one, had some one who left pretty nasty shoutout on my page then the person blocked me to prevent me from responding to her.

I also had another case, where this person (as it turned out she was intending to do a public service with good intention in my opinion) kept posting a warning comment about me, after blocking me, but in group discussions. .. On this second case, I had to ask management to step in talk to her to have it stopped.

I hope we can all work toghether to create a community where everyone feels safe and comfortable being here.



@ June,
I don`t know if iwas this type of Bullying what
has Drove Kate off our Site or not ??

At the Moment i am chatting to Kate to see if
she can muster up anough Trust in our Community/Family
to allow her self to come back to us. ?? ..............


I know that she is missing,a lot of her
Friend`s on here.

Kate,is also wondering how every one are ......


This Bullying notice makes me so angry, its bad enough a lot of us take it from outside LGBT community without it happening from within the community. Most gay and lesbians are bullied because we are unique and dont follow the so called 'normal' life, we need to stand firm with this and so does the operators of this site. But you need to be vigilant and protect the victims of this bullying some people come on this site to meet new people and hopefully make friends they dont want to be frightened and afraid to come


I completely agree with David about standing firm and being vigilant.. I think we should also convince the non-LGBT community that bullying is a crime and that polie and the justicedepartment, or whatever authorities are involved that bullying is a criminal offence, wether it is done by ordinary people, church officials or anybody else and should be punished.


I haven't been on here for almost a year, I found the way people were acting to be shocking. I am a lesbian, but I have no problem with Bi woman myself, but in the lesbian groups they were attacking anyone who was bi! And if you took up for bi woman they would attack you too! I came on here to make some friends,and yes like others maybe even meet someone special, but I found that it was mostly full of fake people and haters! I just left, I just came back today because after all these months of not a word, someone winked at me,lol!
So decided to see if things had changed any, but doesn't seem like it has to me!


I am sorry to hear about the way you were treated. I personally think that we should be a community and try to help each other. But we also have to defend ourselfs from attacks, even, or maybe especially from within. So if anything like that happens again, tell the group owner and report it to sit management people. Everybody should be able to feel free and welcome here.


Some vary good new`s .......... Kate is now once again with us.

So let the Fight commence !!. Agenst all those so called Bully`s.
who are amonst our Rank`s.
All together we can kick them out for good !!!
Tommy lol xx


it`s great to hear your back kate.we all have to stand together against those who will bully anyone..


Wonderful news, but it no good just saying we get this sorted out we need to follow through with it. I totally agree with Klaas we should stay together as a community its bad enough outside the community never mind bullying within our community. Also I'm with Tommy lets get them kicked out for good! xx


Thanks David. Kicking out for good may sound like the best solution, but it may create new enemies. I think that should only be done if people do not show any sign that they understand the consequences of their actions, or in cases of violence and trhreats of violence.


I am Vary happy that Kate is now back.

She seem`s to be alot more Happyer now that she
know that we are all together fighting these
Bullies,off the Site.

She just want`s to say THANK YOU ...........
Tommy lol xxxx


@ Klaas,
Yes you have made a vary good
point there my Friend ......
Tommy lol xxx


Thank you Tommy, thank you everyone