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PERPLEXED - Looking for LOVE!!!

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What is being perplexed, if not being confused, or unsure of what is real and unreal. I met this fantastic man a couple weeks ago, He kind of has his eye on a cub that he says he likes alot. Okay that`s all good. I am a cancer he is a leo, and man we are so much alike it isn`t even funny. He and i committed to be friends with benefits. and this too is cool. But here lately i have been becomming more and more perplexed, by him, by his subtle way of doing things, by his nature, by his habits, by his demeaner, just prety much by him completely. I have never been this way about any man. I know that i am not in love with him. I know i like him a heck of alot, and i care about him, i think about him alot, I write to him on the net at least once a day, and i have gotten together with him three times in the last two weeks that we have known one another. I love making Passionate love with him. He is the top and i the bottom, but i have found myself thinking about topping him and i know that he is primarily a top but not totally. I have all these weird emotions that i can`t get a grasp on and i can`t understand.We went out to dinner and had a drink tonight and went back to his place and i knew he was tired and i excused myself and went home. The only thing that i could think about, was him getting his rest so that he would be okay at work tomorrow. We didn`t have sex and this is just fine with me. No problem. I just don`t know how this man could perplex me so when no other man ever has. One more thing, I`ve had three boyfriends in my lifetime, and all of them i have called Daddy or Papa at one time or another, and it was accepted by each and felt okay to me but this new man, when i call him Daddy or Papa, he thinks it is weird, but he is not the only one that thinks it`s weird, i too feel it, yet it is not so much weird to me as it feels out of place. Just needed to share this with you all. As soon as i figure it out i think i`ll be okay. thanks for reading this.




Well Kelly, just by reading your text, it seem to me that something has blossomed. How you're feeling towards him, the little fact of leaving him to get his rest, because he was tired after dinner, was most considerate of you. Some guys would over look that, simply because they're horn dogs and need to get a piece. This wasn't the case with you. He's on your mind and the communication between the both of you is amazing. You click. I think this is a bit more that just friends with benefits. It appears to be something much, much more deeper. You mentioned you've been having thoughts about topping him and that he's not a full top. I do believe he is versatile with the preference of being a top. Don't be to surprised if at some point, he asks for you to top him. Give it time. He has to be in the right frame of mind. I'm a versatile gay guy, with a preference of being a top but, I will submit to the right guy and only at, the right time. You just might be the right guy for him but, he needs to find the right time. As for the "pet names" aka Daddy or Papa, this is role playing and not all guys can get into that. Personally speaking, it's always best you use" Daddy", when the sexual energy is peaking. Perhaps you might get him to call you "Boy"? It's food for thought.

Sort out your weird emotions. Your own hormones are going crazy and it's putting your head/body into a tail spin. Slightly over whelming eh? Breathe. I had to scroll up and re-read a few lines. In all honesty, it looks like Cupid used a really strong arrow on you! That little tyrant knows how to really screw your head up. Listen to your heart, Kelly. Take it slow.


Krystoffer, what sound wisdom. Thank you i will take your advice, You are such a prince. You, i think hit it right on the nose. Again thank you form the bottom of my heart. Your advice is very wise advice indeed. Thank you..