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A while ago I made friends on a website with a much younger guy. He was good looking, intelligent and compassionate. But his past was full of dark shadows and I found his distress almost too much to bear.

You are the Child within me

The shoots of your sadness grow into my soul
And I gasp as thorns appear on each stem:
Every branch the result of the pain in you.
If allowed I will share your agony
And let each barb puncture my heart too:
That in sharing your distress
My spilt blood will cultivate
Your tree of woe
And let it flower nettle free:
A fragrant rose to blossom,
Bringing joy not burning hive.
You and I together will grow as one:
For growth is life indeed.
For Christ has kissed the child in me
Calling you from your tomb and
Making your life delight
And mine too an ecstasy.

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@ David,
Vary good .........

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I like how the mood changes from sadness to optimism through the piece. This was fun to read, great job!!

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