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political correctness gone mad - Get HAPPY

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political correctness gone mad am I a lesbian? if I haven't slept with a woman but I want to am I gay, striaght, curious or bi? what the f*ck who has the right to tell me what I am? should the lesbian room be called people who identify themselves as a woman? or women who love women? should the gay guys room be called horny guys? who has the rights? Have you had a label put on you that you just want to say get it off? I am what I am and F U if you don't like it bad luck. I'm sorry if I don't fit in your little box Go name someone else cos I don't give a f*ck I love who I want To hell with those who put others in boxes here I give you the keys to your locks run and be free FTW be with me :P


Woo someone sounds angry hehe


O_o ! ! !