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How naughty are you? - Get HAPPY

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Kinky people
Tell me how kinky you are
What naughty things are you guilty of?
Do you like to tie up your lover?
Do you like to lick food or drink off them?
Do you use candles for other things besides lighting a room?
Well how naughty can you be?


I dont do any of that :S so I'm an Angel yaaayayyayayayyayyayay :-D


using of candles to lit up a room sounds romantic


Well there's one Guy Back in Ireland, and well u wouldnt Beleive what he like's me 2 do 2 him, such as Being Gagged, Tied Up, Spanked, Master and Slave, All Leather Outfit like a Gimp, and stuff i aint going 2 write here, But if i aint Comfortable with it he wont want me 2 do it.


woooooo lol @Richard ....

uhummmm hahaha Is licking ice cream consider as notty P heeheehee .. That's the most I do xx Lol ....


No i am not into Pain and all that Thank you !!!!!!!!!!! .

No,no,Kinky habit`s what so ever !!!.

LOL xxxx


does dreaming about naked picnics with an aussie woman and the biting that may ensue count as kinky xxxxx hehehe


@ Racha I am sure you are an angel... cough cough LOL
@ Grace yes romantic lighting is nice and I am sure you would light up any room with your beautiful smile.
@ Richard you are a naughty boy I'd put you over my knee and spank your butt but I know you'd enjoy it too much :P
@ Ella is never bad she is the sweetest girl I know
@ Tommy I know you're a good boy who loves cuddles ((((hugs)))
@ Oh Ola you are a worry but I'd take you on a picnic anytime :P


She is NOT an angel Carol. hahaha

Whipped cream and strawberries are my favorite.....

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