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Golden Aged Women Who Become Mothers - JUST FOR FUN

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Fertility at 75 years old!
With all the new technology concerning fertility, a woman of 75 has given birth to a baby boy.

Once out of the hospital, and recovering at home, her friends and family visited her at home and naturally asked, "Can We See The Baby?"

"Not yet," says the new mother. "First, I'll make some coffee and then we'll talk a bit. OK?"

Thirty minutes later, one of the visitors asks, "Can we see the baby now?"

"Not yet." says the mother.

Some minutes later, they ask impatiently, "Well, when CAN we see the baby?"

"When he cries" replies the mother.

"When he cries? Why do we have to wait until he cries?"

"Because I don't remember where I left him."


LOL....oh thats to funny


Ha,ha,,ha, Vary,vary,good and
also vary,vary,funny too. I L M S O ............

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