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Keeping Fit - JUST FOR FUN

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I realize that this forum is for fun and jokes, but in order to keep all our members healthy, may I suggest the following exercise for those who are 55 years or older.

Start by standing on a flat surface in a room where you have ample space on all sides.

Next, take a five pound bag of potatoes (2.5 kilos), one in each hand and entend your arms straight out, holding them there as long as possible. Start by holding this position for one (1) minute and gradually work up to 5 minutes.

After a few weeks, take 10 pound bags and do the same exercice, again starting at one minute and working up to 5 minutes.

After a number of weeks, your muscles should be strong enough to take the next step - bags of 50 lbs. of potatoes.

Doing this exercise daily for a number of months, will allow your body to accept doing the same thing with 100 pound bags and keeping your arms extended for AT LEAST one minute. (Without bragging, I have to say that I have now attained this level.)

Once you feel at ease with these 100 pound bags,
start adding one potatoe in each.


Can you eat the potato after you do this...


Only if you make french tries with it. LOL