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Time Stood Still when we were given the news.
There's not much time left and nothing they can do.
Six weeks, eight weeks, maybe a little more.
Our world was shattering, pieces falling to the floor.

She was my world, but most importantly, my best friend.
How would I ever survive this premature end?
I had to be strong even though I was falling apart.
Time Stood Still while this was crushing my heart.

It takes a few days for everything to sink in.
We had to be strong and let the planning begin.
Paperwork and signatures, yellow flowers for that day.
I picked the casket, a shiny, silverish grey.

She had some decisions to make on her own.
Lie in a hospital or die peacefully at home.
I knew what she's choose before it was said.
So we fixed up a room with our own hospital bed.

As time passed by, her health became worse
What was to come, we could never rehearse.
Whenever we talked, I'd choke back the tears.
And time stood still with death so near.

It was the 3rd week of June when things went downhill.
The treatments were pointless, she refused any pills.
It's hard to argue with someone you love,
When they're about to leave forever, to heaven above.

No one else was there that morning, just me and her
I went about my business and she started to stir.
I said, "Are you awake?" and she said, "yes"
"But I can't roll over, I need help I guess"

I held it together, but I wanted to crack.
And helped her roll over and onto her back.
The bed was elevated but she still lost her breath.
I got her calmed and for now, we fought off death.

I knew something was wrong, because nothing felt right.
She didn't need to use the restroom and it had been all night.
She refused to drink, she refused to eat.
She just lay still and looked at me.

I said, "I'm calling an ambulance!" And she shook her head NO.
I called them anyway as her color began to go.
The were quick but by the time they were there
Her skin was greyish, she wasn't getting enough air.

My heart was breaking as they loaded her in.
The refused to let me ride in the ambulance with them.
When I got there, the doctor met me at the door.
He said, "She's dying and there's not much we can do anymore."

I ran to her side and said, "I'm here"
She reached her arm over and I pulled it near.
I told her it'll be ok, everything's ok.
I'll love you so much every single day.

Time stood still for quite some time.
I couldn't tell which breaths were hers or mine.
Hers were slowing down and getting further apart
The only thing I knew, was this was breaking my heart.

Time stood still the day she died.

I fell to pieces and cried and cried.

Andria H.


This poem touches the deepest part of the soul.

God bless you and send Angels to console you.


So painfully deep!
Warm embrace, thank you for sharing!


I lived through this too, but with my grandmother, whom I adored. Hauntingly expressive poem.


I couldn't agree more with your 3 friends' comments here n thanks for the shout otherwise I might have missed this post. Andria , this poem is heartwrenching xx


I should agree with all of you & Ella ... it's heartwrenching xxx


Andria, this is absolutely heart wrenching, what a lovely poem, omg you have touched my soul inside, well done. Simply brilliant. xx


Thank you! There will be more in the future.

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