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A Downhill Kind of Day - Poetry Group

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(i had started off with a good morning, which lead on to a shitty afternoon via a phone call by an Ex, and my ensuing trip along a dark, mountainside in the dead of night. as bad luck would have it i'd gotten into a wreck, a massive buck crossed the road, i was already 'bout 20 miles from my home when the engine blew after pushing it 18 miles... by the time i'd gotten home, i hit several bottles and scribbled this drabble in a drunken stupor... it was just one of those days.)

i'm havin' some f*cked up days,
in some messed up ways,
with your f*cked up words,
and a f*cked up wreck;
see i was drivin' along,
and got trapped in the dark
with no one around;
now i've got a dead body -
lying still on the ground;
well now i'm gettin nightmares,
wakin' up in cold sweat,
so f*ck this sh*t,
i'm gettin' sh*t faced.
i'll run to the desert;
ask God for a sign,
if i get struck down,
well i guess that's fine.
but until then,
where the f*cks my wine?!


Lol that's about all I can say on this one. I am having one of those days myself.


that's about all i could say too when i woke up and saw this b.s. on my notepad. i hope your day gets better though


very much enjoyed, sorry it was at the expense of you AND "a massive buck"


thank you. kind of crazy really. i had maybe 2 cars in front of me...and it was like a ghost, this buck appeared out of nowhere. i couldn't understand how those two cars missed it. there was hardly space between us for the buck to have enough time to just jump out. yet it was there, i tried to miss it, and another car was coming from another direction, it was either another family or the buck... and at 60 mph, i guess i had to choose quick.


Beautiful: strong and powerful poetry


Lol Did I miss out this masterpiece ? Anyways did you find your wine ? It 's on your bed Dan lol


:O how...did you know?! lol

thanks David, Ella.


heeheehee Danaea - That is hwere I kept my vodka n I couldn't find It either .. It is on the side of my bed n I totally fogot :P So I reckon it could be on your bed too )P lol


O_oppsss typo errors lol Sorry I m too sleeepy xD I meant to say That is where I kept* ................ I totally forgot* Sorry lol