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Something good gone bad - Poetry Group

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We let him go
we thought it good

he was happy
but we couldn't tell
that those smiles
and the voice that came along
were as fake as my costume jewelry

he was crying while we were smiling

Spoke up today

Said he beat him
hurt him real bad
made him so scared
he would never tell

It woulda worked
but the bond
between mother and son
is stronger than you'd ever think

Now she blames herself
she thinks that it was all for naught
but if you saw the woman that i did
you'd see that him leaving was for the best

she smiled again
their was real laughter
and not that forced pitiful fake kind
there's joy
but now

what one was something so good
had gone so terribly bad

because the boy is lost
and nobody can truly find him
when hes so far gone
and a man that doesn't show up
on police computers

its like hes been wiped clean
and born again.

Its a little girls birthday today
she turned 8 years old
but there's no smile to her fave because
everything frowns while she
cries for a brother she misses

While i sit feeling numb because
really I don't know how I feel

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